What is Storage Management?

Storage Management refers to devices and processes, as well as actual software to manage data storage and memory management in large companies. Storage Management includes the technologies and processes IT uses to maximize or optimize the performance of existing data storage resources. IT Central Station users are functioning within this very broad category, which includes virtualization, replication, mirroring, compression, security, encryption at rest, process automation, traffic analysis and storage provisioning.

Storage Management is subject to the prevailing business requirements of the enterprise storage landscape. These days Storage Management has evolved to combinations of on-premises, cloud storage, hybrid cloud storage and multi-cloud storage. Expandability and scalability will depend on strategy and inherent needs for a company and how the enterprise functions and interacts with access to its data.

Many in the industry estimate that the quantity of digital information stored by various available means is doubling every year. Storage Management solutions empower key IT opinion leaders to customize their particular storage needs.

IT professionals can simplify the Storage Management of networks and devices, which allows organizations to save time and the staff needed to maintain storage systems. This provides the benefit of a lower overall storage operating costs. IT Central Station users are looking to leaner costs for Storage Management by incorporating storage virtualization, deduplication and compression. This allows companies to better utilize their existing storage.

The benefits of these approaches for IT Central Station users include a lower initial capital expenditure and ongoing lower IT costs for maintaining devices and systems. However, scope, functionality, compatibility and ease of use carry equal weight when deciding on day-to- day IT resource management.

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