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Solutions Engineer at ThinkON
ICT Infrastructure and Security Services Manager at NATIONAL SOCIAL SECURITY AUTHORITY - NSSA ZIMBABWE
Reviewed VMware vRealize Operations (vROps): Improves efficiency and allows for…
CIO at Robusta Technology & Training
Server\Storage Administrator at a manufacturing company
Reviewed Turbonomic: I find the Assure Service…
Director Solutions Architect - EMEA at a tech services company
Reviewed VMware vRealize Operations (vROps): Extend VMware vRealize Operations…
Principal Technical Consultant at Fujitsu Consulting India
Reviewed VMware vRealize Operations (vROps): Provides optimization…
Cloud Architect at IBM
Reviewed VMware vRealize Operations (vROps): Gives you a real and deep overview…
Director of IT at a tech services company
Reviewed Turbonomic: Provides automation of the…
Senior Director of IT at a K-12 educational company or school
Senior Systems Administrator at Privia Health
Reviewed SolarWinds Virtualization Manager: We ran it on a single Hyper-V…
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