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Wonderful service, It reduced my bandwith and server load immensely

I am a paid Cloudflare customer. The service has been wonderful. As in all services, there is a setup that is required and a learning curve.

One of the biggest reasons for me to implement it was to reduce server load. My forums keep growing and to reduce the need to keep upgrading, we tried Cloudflare.

It has reduced my bandwidth and server load immensely. For example, my bandwidth dropped from 45GB/month to 10GB/month. Server hits went from 3.5 million/month to 600 thousand/month.

Cloudflare is setup if the server does not respond timely, then your users will see an error message. This is an indication of a slow server versus a Cloudflare issue.

Who's the culprit- Cloudflare or hosting?

When I have seen the CloudFlare error screen for site is unavailable, it has always been due to slow response on the webserver. (validated by using a series of http responders hitting CloudFlare and the webserver directly over a 60 day period.)

One of the keys is to make sure your hosting provider is using the CloudFlare extension and they have listed all the CloudFlare servers within your firewall settings. All your traffic will come from only a couple of IPs. If your server and firewalls are not setup to support this concept, they will trip DDOS or Flooding rules.

**Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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author avatarit_user4401 (Developer at a transportation company with 1,001-5,000 employees)

From security point of view, CloudFlare offers options when it comes to protecting a website and some of the key security elements include protection against SQL injection and cross-site scripting (XSS). Another security feature is the blocking options, with the protection against email harvesting included.
From support point of view, when the developer has a problem understanding any of the features, he will find video tutorials and searchable knowledgebase with answers to frequently asked questions.

author avatarit_user253797 (IT Consultant, Business Owner, Lecturer at a tech consulting company with 10,001+ employees)

We have Anturis monitoring on our servers where we can watch server response times, cpu and memory usage, sql server load and many other parameters. There have been many cases in the past where Cloudflare would come out with 'site unavailable' but there was nothing wrong with our server - no delays or any errors. I contacted them to explain to me why but to no luck. I have to say that although their service is very good and cost effective, their support is exactly the opposite. We have tried multiple times to resolve issues with them, but they are always trying to push things to your end :-). Fortunately we haven't had any issues with them for months now!