Code42 Next-Gen DLP Review

It allows us to bring an enterprise level backup and recovery solution over to our small business.

Valuable Features

Crashplan allows us to bring an enterprise level backup and recovery solution over to our small business. The self service restore is the best feature of the product, besides "just working". It allows us to run in hybrid mode, some backups to our local devices and others to the cloud. Its VERY simple to setup and manage.

Improvements to My Organization

It has taken some of the burden off of the internal IT staff to help restore "accidentally" deleted files. The dashboard allows a quick and simple view to verify that all of the backups are running as necessary.

Room for Improvement

It's really hard to improve a software that is already great. They recently have added the legal hold, which allows our administrators to place a simple hold on files that need to be versioned.

Use of Solution


Deployment Issues

I ran into a small issue when setting up the LDAP authentication scheme into our Active Directory. It wanted a different syntax than the one directly provided from the AD strings.

Stability Issues

No issues with stability, only that the console loses connection to the off-site backup maybe once a week for 2-3 minutes.

Scalability Issues

No issues with scalability. Add licenses, add storage and you're good to go. Adding new nodes, and licenses to users is very simple.

Customer Service and Technical Support

Customer Service:

Customer service is great. They preemptively reached out to me once the order has been submitted to make sure that if I have any questions, I have a technical resource to go to.

Technical Support:

Technical support provisioned the licensing and provided me a step by step guide to get it imported and active in the software. It also showed how to assign the cloud licenses directly to one user, or an entire group.

Previous Solutions

Previously used Roaming profiles which caused issues all the time with our windows/mac environment. This software is well worth the price to prevent issues from arising.

Initial Setup

Software was very simple to deploy. Changing a few variables on the install and then adding the datastore. Pushing out clients was very easy with an MSI deployment.

Implementation Team

Implemented through an in-house team. The only part which was a bit tricky was the AD/LDAP integration. The automated reports and monitoring are a click away.


Cannot fully speak to the ROI at this point. We will know more at 180 days.We estimate the cost of the software will save us 3 hours per file restore in lost work.

Pricing, Setup Cost and Licensing

The product isn't free, but the value that is given with the software functionality is top of the line. They don't nickel and dime based on things you want to accomplish.

Other Solutions Considered

We evaluated a few desktop software like carbonite, but they didn't have the functionality for the price that CrashPlan offers.

Other Advice

White glove support, user serviceable restores, automated report scheduling and a fantastic dashboard put this above the rest.

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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IT Manager at a non-profit with 51-200 employeesReal User

Great review. Covered all the bases.

04 July 16
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