HipChat [EOL] Review

A Hip tool we use

OK, so my 21 year old son tells me that there is nothing less hip than saying something is hip. He cringes when I say it. This, of course, makes me say it even more. :)

We have incorporated a hip app, HipChat, into our workflow in an interesting way.

HipChat is a product that can be used for presence, chat and file transfer. HipChat has the notion of different “rooms”. As you can see below, we have rooms for sysops (servers crashing), an activity stream and a “new Jira issues” stream.


We use Jira as our tracking tool for our development process which I wrote about a few weeks ago.

One cool feature of Jira is that you can easily add an action that will post a message to a HipChat room. As you can see below, I set up Jira to fire off a message to HipChat when an issue is resolved:


When someone creates a new issue, it shows up in the HipChat “new jira issues” room. When someone moves an issue to the “Waiting for approval from Product” state, it shows up in the “activity stream” room.

HipChat has Windows, Mac and mobile clients, so you can watch for new issues while you are having a romantic Italian dinner in the North End. It’s a big hit with the wife. I know.

Another cool (hip) thing that HipChat has is an API Application Programming Interface. We use Zabbix and New Relic for monitoring our systems. If something bad happens, it sends a message to the Zabbix server. Zabbix is then set up to post the sysops message to the HipChat “sysops” room and also sends out email. You can see below how the UI app got bounced because it crashed (oops) and also the processor load was too high for a while. (We use godrb to monitor and bounce misbehaving servers). Crap. I guess I need to fix the spelling on “Warnng”. :)


Pretty hip, eh?

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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