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Find out what your peers are saying about Microsoft, Atlassian, Liferay and others in Enterprise Social Software.
239,734 professionals have used our research on 5,963 solutions.
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What is Enterprise Social Software?

Enterprise Social Software (ESS) refers to enterprise social networking and collaboration tools used in large organizations. They are considered like “LinkedIn for the Enterprise” or “Facebook for the Enterprise.” Web-based technologies offer agile information sharing, integration and emergence capabilities for professionals who look for maximizing productivity, saving time and improving collaboration and transparency. Enterprise Social Software will exist within corporate intranets and interact with other software platforms in the extended enterprise.

ESS must be easy to use and configure. IT Central Station IT and DevOps specialists focus on ESS criteria such as, integrative technical support in aligning prominent open source market tools, and easy functionalities for public APIs. In order to make information more accessible in spite of organizational boundaries, Enterprise Social Software should have good extensibility, SaaS, mobility and web platforms.

Enterprise Social Software should deliver analytics for management. Actionable data and systems should allow multiple points of access and integration. Overall, IT and DevOps need data interaction analysis for both management and the community. Raw data search should be agile. ESS leaders will offer useful integrated and related data to any search. This adds value and ROI to IT professionals.

Organizations have many different needs for ESS. These include enabling workers to search for expertise within an extended enterprise. As organizations grow more geographically spread out and virtualized, ESS helps build team cohesion by allowing people to know about their coworkers. With virtual teams and home-based employees now the norm, having a searchable social network of corporate people is a big help in helping people collaborate. ESS can also help collaboration when it is integrated with productivity software, e.g. when someone makes a comment on a document, a reader can link to their ESS profile and see who has made the comment. Without such a corporate social network, the commenter may remain a mystery.

Enterprise Social Software Reviews

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Enterprise social software report from it central station 2017 11 11 thumbnail
Find out what your peers are saying about Microsoft, Atlassian, Liferay and others in Enterprise Social Software.
239,734 professionals have used our research on 5,963 solutions.
Enterprise social software report from it central station 2017 11 11 thumbnail
Find out what your peers are saying about Microsoft, Atlassian, Liferay and others in Enterprise Social Software.
239,734 professionals have used our research on 5,963 solutions.

Enterprise Social Software Articles

E6adc222 4a9d 4b20 9cfb 40d85397a8fb avatar?1442305629
IT Strategy & Change Consultant
Over the last five years I've supported the adoption of agile principles at portfolio/program and projects level and the redesign and optimization of applications services, architecture, integration and sourcing of a highly dynamic set of initiatives within the IT solutions for energy companies... more>>
Add tward

Toby Ward is founder and President of Prescient Digital Media. A senior e-business consultant with particular expertise in the area of Internet and intranet planning and communications Toby has worked with many different organizations, spanning many different industries, including Boston... more>>
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Project Manager | Business Consultant | Learning & Development | Managing Partner
Roland Driesen is the founder of Silverside and Connecting Colours and works for both companies hands-on for approximately 120 different organisations throughout EMEA. With Silverside Roland has more than 18 years of experience in the Enterprise Collaboration market. He has worked as the... more>>
B1d479a2 4b25 4e2f a0d5 19d55bfa915e avatar
Social Business Consultant
André Horak is an established speaker, consultant and thought leader on Social Business, Social Collaboration and Enterprise Social Networking. He is also an IBM Champion for Social Business - a program which recognises and rewards innovative thought leaders in the IBM community. André has... more>>
Reviewed IBM Connections: It changes the way knowledge is shared.
Ioannis syrigos avatar 1434074141?1434074139

IT Consultant, Business Owner, Lecturer
Dr Ioannis Syrigos is a Computer and Electrical Engineer, an Entrepreneur, co-owner and Managing Director of Stella Novus LTD, an IT consulting company running several individual online projects (Ancient-Origins.net, Members.Ancient-Origins.net, Evolving-Science.com, EnglishWithJo.com and... more>>
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TOP 10
Lead Architect, Digital Workplace Consultant
Architect, Developer, and PM in a wide range of IT solutions development projects with strong pre-sales and public speaking experience. Mostly interested in Cloud, Enterprise 2.0 and SOA/EAI solutions implementation using Windows Azure, Microsoft SharePoint and BizTalk Server. • 20 years in... more>>
8ba9e7ea 686c 46a6 8b20 881ed9c9158a avatar
TOP 10
Enterprise Social Consultant, Collaboration Services
Niki Burke is consistently recognized for her ability to transform the culture within large organizations by driving the implementation and adoption of collaborative technologies. She has helped increase the productivity and engagement of thousands of employees around the world through her... more>>
F4a90487 7f72 4c5b 8a0b 3069a81d0b94 avatar
TOP 10
IBM Consultant
I am an experienced consultant focusing with strengths in IBM Collaboration Solutions. I work for an IBM business partner which allows me to work for varying size customers in different industries. My work consists of 4th line support and on-site customer consulting engagements which includes... more>>
Pierre yves delacote li?1414330147
TOP 20
Please free to contact me: pierre-yves@delacote.com Working with enterprises, I help managers, their teams and their people improve their lives and productivity by maximizing the benefits they can realize in their use of the digital resources available to them. This maximization can result in... more>>
Christoph stoettner li?1414336192
TOP 20
Software Consultant
Corporate Generalist on IBM Lotus Software Products Christoph is a IT Consultant at Fritz & Macziol GmbH, an IBM Business Partner in Germany and lives in Bavaria. He has 14 years experience with the IBM Lotus portfolio (mainly IBM Domino, IBM Connections). He started the OpenNTF... more>>
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TOP 20
PM - Management Consultant
1ec8d76d 8941 49cd 83b8 ee392f271c6b avatar
TOP 20
Senior Consultant AEM
Reviewed Adobe Experience Manager : ​Ease of use for content authors and tight...
54ec77bd 1ca6 41a7 8405 bfb0a7323dd9 avatar
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Principal Consultant
Reviewed Liferay Digital Experience Platform : Does asset publishing and page management. I would...
A589dc7b bb3f 4588 8d83 3a6978ca2512 avatar
TOP 20
Reviewed Liferay Digital Experience Platform : I like the control panel features. The front-end...
12391902 b44f 41a7 b9f5 cfa016f9d58e avatar
TOP 20
Process consultant
Add mtarek
Head of Consulting & Solutions EMEA
A recognized industry expert in collaboration technologies, enterprise content management, search and software development. Since SharePoint 2003 release, Marwan has been building SharePoint solutions for a diversity of industry sectors across United Kingdom and Middle East. Worked for ITWorx... more>>
Vincent lukken li?1414333886
Director Cloud Solution Consulting
* 10+ years experience in ICT; * Successful advising in ICT solutions and platforms (Hard- & Software and Services); * Helping customers translating needs to solutions; * Building & enabling successful partnerships; Specialties: - Open minded, creative and experienced; -... more>>
294d3244 b115 4c88 818f cce07857415e avatar?1448608324
Senior Consultant/Project Manager
Innovative senior leader with progressively increasing responsibilities in applying and managing Information Technology in a global enterprise, reinforced by education in the computer science, security & privacy and electrical engineering fields. Key areas of Expertise: IT Program... more>>
Eda93caf 38e4 4774 b5d7 b3db404b68a8 avatar?1445046971
Office 365 Consultant
Skilled in managed cloud services, Office 365 Consulting, SharePoint and on-premises server administration. Holds a MS degree in managing IT and certified in ITIL and a lot more.
Picture consultant334
Conor brings over ten years of government, education, and social media experience. Conor holds a Master’s in Public Administration from the State University of New York College at Brockport (Magna Cum Laude, 2004) and a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from the State University College of New York... more>>
Add aanderson

As a seasoned professional with a background in software development and project management, I have had extensive experience in management and technology consulting across a wide variety of industries and geographies. For the past several years, I have been working almost exclusively with the... more>>
Add jminers
I do strategies, design and implementation for small businesses systems - all the way from the websites to the back end systems - helping businesses to get the most out of the technology they use or implement new technology. I'm a problem solver and an enthusiast for all things web and tech... more>>
9325632a 1b77 4db7 97de 5cddeaddf34b avatar?1452780414

Director of Client Success, Co-Founder
Co-Founder and Director of The Chat Shop. e: hello@thechatshop.com p: +4420 3567 1037
4268c182 31bf 4539 9620 e06975619322 avatar
Digital Workplace & Collaboration Consultant
Otto Foerg is a Lotus/IBM collaboration and messaging expert with more than 25 years of professional experience as an architect, administrator, consultant, developer and certified instructor. In 2000 he extended his professional experience to the web application platform IBM WebSphere... more>>
Ennio noventa li?1420443835

Innovation consultancy
Appassionato di innovazione e non solo dal punto di vista tecnologico o comunque tecnico, ho ricercato negli anni le modalità più efficaci per organizzare, formare e motivare le persone a dare il meglio di sé ed essere partecipi ai cambiamenti continui del mercato, dei prodotti e delle... more>>
Anonymous avatar x100
Senior Consultant, Business Analysis
Anonymous avatar x100
Anonymous avatar x100
Senior Software Consultant
Reviewed Adobe Experience Manager : ​CRXDE really allows you to browse static content...
Anonymous avatar x100
Senior AEM/CQ Admin Consultant & Business and Community Development
Reviewed Adobe Experience Manager : Helps standardize the branding of pages across an...
Anonymous avatar x100
AEM Developer / Consultant
Anonymous avatar x100
493b33c7 78a4 4b65 9e71 dabfe042be82 avatar
Consultant - Business Intelligence
Anonymous avatar x100
I have worked as a software developer, application support analyst, systems administrator, test automation engineer, release manager and application lifecycle management consultant. AREAS OF EXPERTISE: Visual Studio Team Foundation Server Visual Studio Application Lifecycle... more>>
Vladimir vukadinovic li?1423753711

IT – Consultant / Senior Software Engineer
Reviewed Liferay Digital Experience Platform : Big benefit is in relation to cost but there are a...
Add kbryce
Andornot is a small consulting company, based in Vancouver, serving the needs of libraries, archives, museums and other cultural institutions. We design and develop innovative information management solutions using tools such as Inmagic DB/TextWorks, WebPublisher PRO and Genie, Apache Solr,... more>>
Add jacobmorgan

Jacob is the principal and co-founder of Chess Media Group, a management consulting and strategic advisory firm on the future of work and collaboration. With offices in the Bay Area and Vancouver, Canada, Jacob and his team work with some of the world’s largest and forward thinking companies on... more>>
Add chrisradcliffe
Director of Development
Chris is responsible for the health of Habanero's client relationships and works with a team of consultants to drive sales in Western Canada. Since 2001, Chris has helped develop Employee Portals to help people and organizations thrive. Specialties:SharePoint, collaboration, Intranet planning... more>>
Add ncook
Digital veteran with a unique blend of strategic and hands-on experience gained both in-house and in agencies. Expert in digital and social media strategy, measurement, marketing and crisis management. Natural ability to see quickly what works and what doesn't, and recommend strategies and... more>>
Add teddolls

CEO of iTech-Ed Ltd. IBM Champion 2009-2015. Popular blogger and speaker. Editorial Director of the Arcati Mainframe Yearbook (www.arcati.com). Chair of the Virtual IMS user group (www.fundi.com/virtualims) and the Virtual CICS user group (www.fundi.com/virtualcics). Was Editorial Director for... more>>
Reviewed Yammer: Lync and Yammer
Add annalowman

Business Consultant
A communications professional with over seven years’ in-house experience gained in the UK and Australia. I have diverse experience in both external and internal communications within the travel, property, FMCG and health industries, most recently in organisations going through large-scale change.... more>>
Add gsmith

Director of Operations
Highly successful track record of delivering salesforce.com within sales, marketing and customer service sectors. Experienced in delivering both the technology enablers and the busines change required for benefit realisation. MBA, Prince II and MSP Practitioner accreditation. Salesforce.com... more>>
Add storkington
Sally has 20 years' experience in global organisational change, customer service excellence and technology deployment within a range of industries. She has long been an advocate of Cloud Computing, recognising the powerful combination of effective technology, streamlined business processes and... more>>

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