What is Enterprise Social Software?

Enterprise Social Software (ESS) refers to enterprise social networking and collaboration tools used in large organizations. They are considered like “LinkedIn for the Enterprise” or “Facebook for the Enterprise.” Web-based technologies offer agile information sharing, integration and emergence capabilities for professionals who look for maximizing productivity, saving time and improving collaboration and transparency. Enterprise Social Software will exist within corporate intranets and interact with other software platforms in the extended enterprise.

ESS must be easy to use and configure. IT Central Station IT and DevOps specialists focus on ESS criteria such as, integrative technical support in aligning prominent open source market tools, and easy functionalities for public APIs. In order to make information more accessible in spite of organizational boundaries, Enterprise Social Software should have good extensibility, SaaS, mobility and web platforms.

Enterprise Social Software should deliver analytics for management. Actionable data and systems should allow multiple points of access and integration. Overall, IT and DevOps need data interaction analysis for both management and the community. Raw data search should be agile. ESS leaders will offer useful integrated and related data to any search. This adds value and ROI to IT professionals.

Organizations have many different needs for ESS. These include enabling workers to search for expertise within an extended enterprise. As organizations grow more geographically spread out and virtualized, ESS helps build team cohesion by allowing people to know about their coworkers. With virtual teams and home-based employees now the norm, having a searchable social network of corporate people is a big help in helping people collaborate. ESS can also help collaboration when it is integrated with productivity software, e.g. when someone makes a comment on a document, a reader can link to their ESS profile and see who has made the comment. Without such a corporate social network, the commenter may remain a mystery.

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