2014-06-08 06:25:00 UTC

When evaluating Enterprise Social Software, what aspect do you think is the most important to look for?

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Flexible modular design to adapt with changing User needs and the ability to scale.

2017-02-16 15:04:05 UTC16 February 17
Real UserTOP 5

Here there is a good blog post that talks exactly about this:

1. Be clear on what you want to solve and then make sure it can solve it.
2. Simple and Easy to use.
3. Flexibility and Segmentation.
4. Adoptions: are you able to combine things that users needs so they will go to the platform with things you want them to do?
5. Evolution. Evaluate if your organization can grow inside that platform. Going from social to something else you might need.

2017-02-15 19:42:41 UTC15 February 17

There are 5 main important points
1. Easy to use and configure
2. Support to integrate with prominent open source tools available in the market
3. Simple public API - helpful to customize the existing functionalities
4. Simple in design - with good extensibility and considered web, mobility and SAAS platforms
5. Very good support and discussion form to help the users on technical aspects

2017-02-14 17:42:22 UTC14 February 17
Real UserTOP 20

Many of the previous responders already hit the main items: requirements by individual user communities are different. Management wants analytics that show them business actionable data, users was responses and other people just want to find "stuff".

* From a "normal" user point of view: I find the most important part is a system that allows multiple points of access and integration. One way of doing a "thing" rarely fits all and might give the more savvy user more tools and the less savvy less fluff to deal with

* As Management (or power user) I want analysis of my interaction with data and of the community's interaction with data

* Overall I want something that helps slim down the fire hose of raw data and helps me find info in active searches and has the smarts to bring in other info that I was not actively looking for - I call that incidental discovery.

2017-02-14 17:08:56 UTC14 February 17

As with anything, it all starts with user needs. What problem are you trying to solve, hole you are trying to fill? What's the purpose? What's gone wrong before? Answer these questions and you'll have an idea. But whatever you choose, I'd say make sure you have the best possible support. I've bought good products, but had to abandon them due to lack of support. And yes, ease of access and use (which includes integration with existing tools) is crucial.

2017-02-14 15:42:43 UTC14 February 17
Real User

There are various aspects to consider, but I think ease of use, integration and mobilty are fundamental pillars for a social solution.
As for the integration, I would do a careful assessment of the public APIs, I would care to SSO and more.

2017-02-14 15:32:13 UTC14 February 17

Hello, there are many things as to be considered, some are just said here above as: security, integration, easy to use. I would add: it has to be designed for enteprise. I mean really for companies, not for consumers and then pretend to solve, with the same aproach, company issues, Serena

2017-02-14 15:31:36 UTC14 February 17

Listening and pretty graphs can be done by most vendors in the space. Getting actionable analytics for social is where you will see your value and ROI. Enterprise Insight Platfoms is where I see customers go after they get past the visuals. Otherwise it will become a CRM type solution with processes built around it etc which is a different angle. More details on your desired outcome would be necessary to properly scope for sure but I hope this helps.

2017-02-14 15:24:14 UTC14 February 17
Real User

Integration with other systems so we can extend the usefulness of the application and extend into other application areas where we are missing tools.

2015-09-30 07:43:13 UTC30 September 15
Real User

It should meet the Enterprise communication and follow compelling UI and compelling Architecture..

2015-05-07 08:52:37 UTC07 May 15
Real User

Search that allowing users to search for other users or content. This will speed up employees productivity.

2014-12-04 05:02:48 UTC04 December 14
Real UserTOP 10

A clear, logical role distinct from the other tools we use. This should drive adoption. For the laggards we can "encourage" adoption if we are confident that there is a distinct and valuable role. But with the overlap between email, instant messaging, audio conferencing, video conferencing and collaboration tools we still don't see a logical, long-term strategy on which we want to hang our hats. (We currently use SharePoint, Lync, Confluence and home grown Web sites. We keep looking at Yammer and HipChat - but can't see a compelling architecture which makes it obvious which tool an employee or team should use in each case.)

2014-10-22 18:50:56 UTC22 October 14

My first priority is ease of use, I don't want to implement a tool that will require hours of training for my team, particularly interns, who can come and go frequently. Along with ease of use, I appreciate a tool that is accessible from mobile devices as I work on the go most of the time. My next most important priority would be integration with my lead scoring and nurturing platform (MAP).

2014-10-17 17:56:11 UTC17 October 14
Real User

There is no one criteria. So let's say that complete solution is what matters.

2014-09-22 11:48:48 UTC22 September 14
Real User

One source of truth. Versioning and history management.

2014-09-17 18:48:42 UTC17 September 14
Real User

Integration! Social networking tools by nature are easy to use however, integration into the sales cycle is what will really add benefit.

2014-09-03 01:13:34 UTC03 September 14
Real User

Security for all parties (we are a high school); ease of use and being one less tool to manage (IT) and use (everyone else)

2014-07-28 14:01:53 UTC28 July 14
Real User

The most important criterion is propelling enterprise outcomes.

2014-07-08 08:59:18 UTC08 July 14

Mobile Apps - secure and available for on-premises as well as SaaS offerings

2014-06-30 11:41:10 UTC30 June 14
Real User

End User friendly, yet enough flexibility and power for the more technical user

2014-06-19 23:34:05 UTC19 June 14
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