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We wanted to deliver short backup times and provide client’s systems with immunity from backup errors; enables companies to automate backup processes.

One of our outsourcing services is to replicate the customer’s backup to our backup center. It’s aimed at customers who run their own server room and business critical systems that require daily backup but who can’t afford to have their own secondary datacenters. We sought a solution that would allow our customers to perform simple and fully automated backup. Additionally, the new solution would also help customers to replicate data to our datacenter, ensuring that remotely stored copies of their backup data are held off-site.

We needed a solution that would provide safe data storage for itself and its clients, ensure continuity of operation in the event of a disaster and enable it to extend its service offering. We also wanted an application that would deliver short backup times and provide client’s systems with immunity from backup errors or intentional human actions.

We decided to purchase and implement the HP StoreOnce Backup system. The decision was based on price, functionality, reduced maintenance costs, low power consumption, simple management and scalability. We were also impressed by the HP Care Pack service covering the solution.

HP StoreOnce Backup ensures the protection of data from drives in datacenters and branch offices. It enables companies to automate and consolidate backup processes for multiple servers in a single rack-mounted solution while increasing reliability through the reduction of errors that can occur during manual operations.

All HP StoreOnce Backup systems feature software deduplication which can deliver a twentyfold reduction of the disk space required to store backups without impacting quality, enabling economic and long term storage of data on disk. They also provide effective replication of data over the network. Through HP StoreOnce federated deduplication technology, data transfers across the network are reduced and only require low bandwidth links. This provides an economical method of transferring backup data outside the company for disaster recovery.

Storing a larger number of backups on disk for a long time creates a higher level of data availability. This facilitates the quick restoration of lost or corrupted files and reduces downtime. Through the use of a disk-based system rather than sequential tapes or an autoloader module the time to perform backups and restores is greatly reduced.

HP StoreOnce Catalyst enables customers to deduplicate data before sending it to a centralized HP StoreOnce Backup system. When using the latest HP StoreOnce Backup solution, centralized management of application-level backup supports a backup rate of 100TB/hour. HP StoreOnce automates the process of creating backups, enabling a more efficient management solution for data protection. Customers using our solutions do not require an employee to handle a tape library, which means that it’s no longer necessary to transport tapes from the server to a safe place. In addition, HP StoreOnce solves the problem of building a costly backup environment. Our replication datacenter can serve many customers and has a strict security policy.

Data restore performance is also a priority. HP StoreOnce Backup provides quick access to backup and the ability to immediately restore data. It can restore data at up to 119 per cent of the rate of the backup performance.

In case of accident or error the restore times from drives are just minutes or hours. In the case of traditional tape backup systems this could be hours or days. It’s equally fast for backup. On drives all the information is immediately ready for use, but in the tape case, first tape must be recovered from the storage, put in the library, searched to find the corresponding section and then restoring can start.

The new solution is safe, efficient and cost effective. Replication creates a second copy of each backup. As a result, the probability of losing both a production system and our client’s backup copies is close to zero. Therefore, more and more of our customers are switching from operating their own backup environment and choosing a solution based upon Backup-as- a-Service principles. At the moment we are in the process of expanding our HP StoreOnce system. More disk space will allow us to offer backup services to an even greater number of customers.

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