HPE StoreOnce Review

We can backup our exchange server and files, but its integration could be better to keep up with the competition.

Valuable Features

It just works – there isn’t anything specific about it. We can backup our exchange server, we can backup our files, and it just works without being overly complex either.

Improvements to My Organization

I can’t say that it has, they are lagging behind on the features, we went to vSphere 6 and it failed a while ago. The DP9 just came out a few weeks ago to answer that integration issue.

Room for Improvement

It’s the speed to market with new technology that they are not keeping up with. Also, the integration could be better, the Comvault features are offering more and StoreOnce is lagging.

Use of Solution

I've used it for 15 years.

Deployment Issues

Not so much deployment more on the support end of things.

Stability Issues

It’s stable – it works.

Scalability Issues

VMware changed something when they went to 6, even Comvault was a week behind, but while Comvault provided a solution, HP just released their updates a week or two ago in the new version – we now have to go to DP9.

Customer Service and Technical Support

Customer Service:

Customer support is fine.

Technical Support:

Technical support is brutal, my guy never wants to get on the phone with me, and he prepares to be tortured. He knows going in that it’s going to be painful.

Other Advice

Look elsewhere – you can’t change something once you have it, and it accomplishes what it needs to, but it's not leading edge enough to address the new technologies out there.

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