Microsoft BI Review

We evaluated both SSRS and Business Objects. We chose SSRS and currently use Cognos as well.

I've been using Microsoft SSRS for 2 years. For me, the most valuable feature is the integration feature with our ERP. SSRS has room for improvement including drill down and graphs. Although I am happy with the products, I have experience performance degradation at times. 

We're currently running both SSRS and Cognos. We ended up choosing SSRS after evaluating it alongside Business Objects. Once we chose to go with SSRS, we implemented through the vendor and found their level of expertise to be high which made the process very easy. I would say that our ROI is 200%. I would recommend SSRS to others.

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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Agreed ... I wish Microsoft would put slice and dice features using web parts, it would make it the best BI tool or open it up for third party plug ins.

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You mentioned: I have experience performance degradation at times.
Reports run from SQL queries, if they were not optimized when written (coded), then you are going to have performance problems.

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Try not to use scalar functions in your SQL queries (unless you want your reports to run all day).