Oracle Enterprise Manager Review
Drastically reduced our diagnostic time and helps us monitor multiple instances

Valuable Features

The performance console is a must.

Improvements to My Organization

Can drastically reduce the diagnostic time and help monitoring multiple instances. Be aware that a lot of the features need appropriate licensing.

Room for Improvement

I would say the footprint on the server. Also the GUI can be tricky.

Use of Solution

More than 7 years

Deployment Issues

To uninstall I needed to refer to the documentation.

Stability Issues

No and it's a good point.

Scalability Issues


Customer Service and Technical Support

Customer Service: Very good.Technical Support: Very good.

Previous Solutions

I used ignite8 which is a must have for the perf part and a lot cheaper.

Initial Setup

It requires some reading but nothing is too complex.

Implementation Team


Other Solutions Considered

Yes, quest spotlight- too messy. Nothing like AWR.

Other Advice

Give it a try with the version embedded within the database and then go further.
Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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Hi François Gregoire. Ignite has many advantages over Oracle Enterprise Manager regarding end-user performance analysis, monitoring and problem resolution. It is light weight and puts negligible load on databases being monitored. It also generates meaningful graphs that help in understanding the impact of performance related issues.

With such benefits of Ignite, why you preferred using oracle enterprise manager?

22 January 14
it_user80244Real User

Hi imran, I DO NOT prefer OEM. I love IGNITE, I chose it, I'm using it in my company at the moment, but it's almost exclusively performance oriented. But that said, it was a review of OEM which is still a great tool with a broader scope. Even when using the standard database with all the licensed features disabled it remains usefull.

22 January 14
it_user83598Real User


You mentioned in deployment issues : To uninstall I needed to refer to the documentation.
So can you please share your thoughts on Installation part ?

01 February 14
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