Parasoft SOAtest Review
The Browser Playback tool records and plays back web scenarios for testing.

Valuable Features

The most valuable features are the Browser Playback tool for recording and playing web scenarios (Web UI testing), and the messaging client for sending SOAP calls and for validating responses.

Improvements to My Organization

The testing time is shortened because we generate test data automatically with SOAtest.

Room for Improvement

During the process of working with SOAtest and building test cases, the .TST files will grow. A negative side effect is that saving your changes takes more time. The bigger the .TST file, the more time it costs. Sometimes a few seconds! An option is to split up the file into separate files, but often that’s no realistic option because you want to keep the test suites together.

TST-file is the container file in which all testsuites and teststeps are stored. It often happens that you have to change a teststep and want that change to be saved. Saving your teststep in an almost empty container (with only one testsuite and a few teststeps) will go very fast (within 1 second). Saving your step in a container with multiple testsuites and teststeps takes a lot more time. In my case sometimes five seconds.

Stability Issues

Sometimes SOAtest hangs, but that is very sporadic. It could be caused by the stability of the environment of the customer in general.

Scalability Issues

We haven’t had any scalability issues.

Customer Service and Technical Support

The technical support in the Netherlands is very good. Questions about the tool are almost answered within a day. When needed, a Parasoft consultant joins the project for one day or more.

Previous Solutions

We used SoapUI for testing web services. In our case, the advantage of using Parasoft SOAtest is the use of the datasheet; with one message, you can loop through your datasheet and check all your data.

Initial Setup

The setup was done by another team of the company and was out of our scope.

Pricing, Setup Cost and Licensing

The products of Parasoft have the name; they’re expensive. I think it would be a great step to decrease the price of the licenses. A possible consequence could be getting more users and more familiarity in the Netherlands and around the world.

Other Solutions Considered

I have experience with a lot of other products, but when I started with this job (Dutch Government) three years ago, the product, SOAtest, had already been bought by the company.

Other Advice

Invest a lot of research time into what your exact needs are. After that, select some test tools to compare all the options. In my opinion, Parasoft has so many possibilities that it must have a place on your shortlist!

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