Tricentis Tosca Review

Using the TCD, subject-matter experts are able to perform systematic reviews of Testcases and we can then run regression tests.

Valuable Features

Testcase design is most valuable, as it has helped in 2 different aspects. Storing the test data in one place, and deciding how many test cases are needed for a given scenario using one of the inbuilt algorithms, thereby ensuring the test coverage.

Improvements to My Organization

We used the TCD (red folder to design the test flow), and it was easy to get the tests reviewed by the subject-matter experts as it allowed systematic review of Testcases. Once it was OKd by the SME, we could confidently run the tests for regression.

Room for Improvement

Most of us have had the complaint that loop statements are missing, without which testing in reality was difficult, as many times Test scenarios needed to be run in iteration and version 8.4 has included this feature.

Stability Issues

When I did work with v7.4, I often noticed that the Tosca executor abruptly hung and only way out was to kill the process. But this has been drastically improved in the later versions.

Customer Service and Technical Support

I would rate 3/5 as there is not much knowledge base available on the internet for one to independently solve the issues encountered, which is easily available and in abundance for other tools like QTP.

Previous Solutions

We previously (for six years) used QTP, and the client chose to have only Tosca for test automation as the license costs were lower compared to the HP tools.

Initial Setup

The initial set up was complex as we had always used keywords and integrated Excel, pdf and word documents for storing Test evidence, it was difficult to achieve the same standard of Test evidence with Tosca. Not having the flexibility to code was posing a problem in the initial days.

Implementation Team

The tool was always installed by a dedicated team from the vendor as we had not had an opportunity to know in detail how the installation worked.


ROI has been pretty high, but only in comparison to the tools we had from HP earlier. However, maintenance costs, and not having Tosca experts available, are the factors that have adversely affected the ROI in some cases.

Other Advice

I would advise that, if one needs to install Tosca for test automation, always go for the latest version, as Tricentis is implemeting all the user feedbacks genuinely in their tools and it is evolving and has a great potential.

Disclosure: My company has a business relationship with this vendor other than being a customer: We are a strategic vendor.
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Team Lead 1st Level Support at TricentisVendor

Hi SnrConsultant909,

as part of the Tricentis Support Team I’m very glad to hear that Tosca leads to a benefit in your company.
I want to thank you for the feedback about our Knowledgebase. We highly appreciate the activity of our Customers and Partners in our support portal. Enlarging our Knowledgebase is a main goal to knowledge centered services and we are continuously doing so!
However if there is anything you can’t find in our Knowledgebase or in our Documentation, I want to encourage you to get in contact with our support team via Chat, Phone or via our Support Portal. We are available 24/5 and we are very happy to find a solution for your inquiry!
best regards, Roland

20 October 15
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