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Single reporting interface allows us to isolate issues easier by displaying data visually.

We provide services to 82 remote service centers and our network supports 4,000 - 5,000 applications developed in-house, as well as several third-party applications. Most of our application users reside at remote locations, accessing the application via VPN or wireless clients. We have up to 1,000 concurrent VPN users during peak hours along with 1,500 users accessing the network via wireless clients. This distributed environment, along with the interactive nature of the applications, requires network and computer services with consistently low latencies.

We installed a Visual TruView 4800 at our datacenter and have found that it leverages key data sets, such as:

  • stream-to-disk packet storage
  • application response time
  • transactional decode
  • IPFIX (NetFlow)
  • SNMP

TruView presents network and application performance analytics through a single reporting interface which depicts network performance visually to demonstrate when and where problems occur, allowing us to dive into the data and isolate issues to the application, server interface/device, transaction, or event packet level. As it processes network performance analytics, it time correlates the results providing cross-functional IT teams – such as network engineering, application, and server teams – with an increased ability to work more collaboratively and solve problems fast.

TruView acts as a window into our network and applications, telling us if and when performance issues arise and helping us identify the proper fix before it causes service interruptions.

We’ve been especially pleased about how the appliance has impacted how we manage our network bandwidth. We use it to identify, monitor, and reduce network traffic surrounding “chatty” and “background” applications, such as SQL server pings and distributing virus updates, as well as rogue devices connecting to the network.

In one example, it identified an excessive number of SQL updates requested by a third-party application. We tweaked the application as soon as the TruView system identified the issue, reducing the load on both our network and our SQL server.

It also allows us to analyze captured packets to dig into individual client sessions and solve problems reported through the help desk. The appliance consolidates information that we previously accessed from multiple sources and adds to it. It allows us to find all of the information needed that we previously had to gather from multiple tools. It has made troubleshooting issues faster and easier.

**Disclosure: IT Central Station has made contact with the reviewer to validate that the person is a real user. The information in the posting is based upon a vendor-supplied case study, but the reviewer has confirmed the content's accuracy.
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