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The distributed nature of it is really what our customers are interested in

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Valuable Features

I sell to a lot of customers in the DoD. NSX has really become part of their ecosystem, especially for the tactical customers in the DoD. It's very important for them to have small footprints and have as much services in their servers, as possible. NSX has fit this role really well for them.

Room for Improvement

  • Going through and getting more features sets from the routing protocols is definitely necessary for the future.
  • Being able to properly manipulate BGP
  • Getting multiprotocol BGP into the stack
  • A little bit better redistribution

As a CCIE, I like to have all my tool sets, and there are some things which NSX is missing right now.

It's missing some more advanced features. As an engineer, we need those tools. We need to be able to manipulate routes. We need to be able to set traffic the way that we need it to be. Especially as we interact with other vendors, sometimes it makes it difficult to have to do some workarounds. Once VMware flushes out the RFC for things like BGP and OSPF, it will be better.

Stability Issues

We've tested it in our labs, and our customers are running it now. It is definitely stable, and it does what it's supposed to with no unnecessary crashes.

Scalability Issues

It's one of the major benefits of it. The distributed nature of NSX is really what the customers are interested in: spread into workloads across a lot of servers and not working out one host too hard.

Customer Service and Technical Support

All my customers seem to be very happy with the technical support. Anytime they call up, everything is very responsive and the engineers are intelligent. They know how to help them solve their problems.

Initial Setup

NSX is one of the simplest network solutions that I've ever worked with.

I did a demo for our company's engineers about a year ago, and in 45 minutes, I stood up a cluster and had the VXLAN and some of the firewall policies, up and running in a 45-minute demo. It's really easy to use and everybody walked away from it knowing how to use NSX just from a 45-minute presentation.

Other Advice

It's very important for us to have good relationships with VMware from a reseller standpoint, and especially in the DoD, we have great reps. VMware is probably a 90% of the DoD networks. It's definitely not just reputation-wise, but they've been there for seven to eight years now and everybody knows that VMware is the enterprise solution for virtualization in the DoD.

Disclosure: My company has a business relationship with this vendor other than being a customer: Reseller.

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