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Reporting features are the most valuable to our company. I would like an easier way to set up timing on templates.

What is most valuable?

Workfront's reporting features are the most valuable to our company. Right now we have reports for our production queue, shipping queue and our customers.

How has it helped my organization?

Our company had a hard time tracking material used and where projects stood in our work flow. Now we have an extensive recall report that can track the material we use by lot number and job.

What needs improvement?

I would like an easier way to set up timing on templates. Right now we have cookie cutter options. Not sure what the best solution is for our company but we could use some help on the timing of pre approved projects.

For how long have I used the solution?

We have been using Workfront for 6 years

What was my experience with deployment of the solution?

The only problems we encountered with deployment had to do with our staff not willing to adapt to a new system. Otherwise once workfront is set up it is easy for people to use.

What do I think about the stability of the solution?

No, we have not encountered any issues with stability. Everything we have in place is working well. We have only had two short occurrences with wide scale performance issues

What do I think about the scalability of the solution?

The best part of Workfront is that it is a good system for large jobs as well as smaller scale projects. Most of our projects are about the same size and scope but I can easily see how Workfront would be able to handle all job sizes.

How are customer service and technical support?

Customer Service:

Customer service is great with Workfront. Everyone you speak to seems genuinely interested in troubleshooting a problem or idea with you. Sometimes response times are longer than I would like.

Technical Support:

Technical support is excellent with Workfront. Their online help desk works very well. I wish there was more of an opportunity to call someone if need be.

Which solution did I use previously and why did I switch?

No, we started using Workfront back when it was called "at-task". Prior to that we would have excel spreadsheets filled with data.

How was the initial setup?

The initial setup was complex. The system is robust and there are many factors to consider when setting up. Timing was the hardest part for our team as we have a lot of situations where the timing of a project is in flux.

What about the implementation team?

We implemented through an in-house team. A member of Workfront came in from Salt Lake City to guide us through, but we did the implementation ourselves.

What was our ROI?

I don't believe i would be able to accurately answer this question. I personally believe that we the benefits of having Workfront do equate to a monetary gain.

What's my experience with pricing, setup cost, and licensing?

I was not around for the set up cost. Annually we spend $7,344.00 on the system. This includes a customer support package.

Which other solutions did I evaluate?

I was not part of the team when the evaluation process took place. I believe Workfront (at-task at the time) had a rep come in and do a presentation.

What other advice do I have?

If your company or team decides to go with Workfront, it has all of the tools needed to run an excellent project management system.

**Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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