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I chose Zoho Reports because of the interface, the features it offered and for handling huge volumes of data.

Before Zoho Reports, we were using a combination of a proprietary system and Microsoft Access for all our reporting needs. The system started showing strains, as the data kept on growing closer to 100 million rows. Also, using this system meant the Business Analytics department needed lots of development hours to generate the reports each month. Making these reports reach the intended users in a user-friendly fashion was a big challenge too, as there was no easy way to share the reports, other than generating user-specific reports and emailing them as attachments.

We used our proprietary systems as well as Microsoft Access, for our reporting needs. Our proprietary systems are very complex and require development hours for reporting. Our intention is to get more data to our users in a user-friendly environment for filtering, etc. We had simply outgrown this system (the reporting we conduct on Microsoft Access, in conjunction with our proprietary system) both for transaction level, as well as the number of employees who need to be engaged in reporting. 

I started collecting recommendations from others and researched online for alternative solutions to their current reporting environment. I chose Zoho Reports because of the interface and the robust features it offered, for handling the huge volumes of data quickly and efficiently. Zoho Reports also allowed me to carry out quick and efficient changes of data and reports, through the GUI.

We are currently using Zoho Reports for our financial partners who need user-friendly access to large volumes of data. We now have around 100 million rows of data in Zoho Reports, and the number of rows are growing every month. And we are building out the infrastructure needed to support more robust weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual reporting, as well as ad hoc reporting for our corporate level analysis, sales contests, and our franchise system reporting as a whole.

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