A10 Thunder TPS Zero-day Automated Protection

Do you use the solution’s machine-learning-powered Zero-day Automated Protection (ZAP)? If yes, does it identify and block DDoS attacks on its own? Please provide examples.

Bart van der Sloot
Managing Director Leaseweb Network at Leaseweb
We don't deliberately use the solution's machine-learning powered Zero-day Automated Protection (ZAP) but the systems require very little effort to keep them alive and manage them. The automation and the updates that A10 built in result in there being very little work for us to do to keep these systems up to date and efficient in the way they scrub tech traffic. So it's not functionality that we deliberately use, but it's just a benefit of these systems, which helps us maintain a low cost of operations and an effective system.
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Raphael Maunier
Co-Founder at Acorus Networks
The solution’s machine-learning-powered Zero-day Automated Protection (ZAP) works for enterprise customers.
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