What is Cloudflare?

Cloudflare is a content distribution network (CDN) that protects, optimizes and speeds up your website. When you sign up, your website automatically joins the Cloudflare community of websites and all your web traffic is diverted through the intelligent Cloudflare global network. The result is a better performing, always available website that is protected against all attacks.

Setting up Cloudflare for your website takes less than five minutes, and does not require any new hardware, software, or coding changes. The service is designed to be scalable in that the more webmasters that join the Cloudflare community, the faster and more efficient the system will be, and the more protected the web will become.

Cloudflare customers

Customer base of over 1,500,000 websites, including Imgur, People's Choice, Luxury Link, The Franklin Mint, Teal Networks, Zopim, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, The Bay Lights, and FounderLY.

Cloudflare Reviews

4.3 out of 5 stars
Ddos protection report from it central station 2017 11 04 thumbnail
Find out what your peers are saying about Incapsula, Cloudflare, Arbor Networks and others in DDoS Protection.
239,537 professionals have used our research on 5,962 solutions.
Ddos protection report from it central station 2017 11 04 thumbnail
Find out what your peers are saying about Incapsula, Cloudflare, Arbor Networks and others in DDoS Protection.
239,537 professionals have used our research on 5,962 solutions.


User Assessments By Topic About Cloudflare

In that sense, it's marketing that could use some improvement. It is hard to call your own product a "necessity", but I truly believe that it, or something like it, is a necessity. Without it, you are risking higher costs, more spam, more failures, and less satisfied customers. They need to convince non-technical people why it's so awesome. CloudFlare solves a lot of problems that many non-technical people don't even know exist. In addition to the obvious ones, like SSL security, spam protection, edge caching across a CDN, you have an easy way for clients to point their domains and DNS management over to CloudFlare. Here are some scenarios: * Let's say, down the road, you need to add an email service like Mailgun. You don't need to ask the client to add weird sounding DNS records. You can just add them in CloudFlare. This alone saves hours, if not days, of needless client communication. * Let's say you need to point to a different server instance and you need to guarantee that the new instance's content is live at exactly 7:57 a.m. EST. Just point CloudFlare to the new instance and clear its cache at that time. * Let’s say you need to create a stage environment. You can add the DNS record and point that to wherever you'd like. * I have found that clients prefer to own their own domain names, and give developers full server access. With CloudFlare, you can do just that while maintaining access to the domain's DNS records to be better able to do your job. Another reason it's awesome is that you don't need your server to handle every request. Most of the traffic is to static resources and will be served by CloudFlare. This provides incredible peace of mind for higher traffic sites. If your site has almost no static content, and is configured to auto-scale server instances based on demand, CloudFlare is still a relief because you will know that you are not paying for bad traffic. Without CloudFlare, if some bot decides to send spam requests every day to your site, you'd likely pay for that traffic in one way or another.
Cloudflare Pricing

The Cloudflare pricing model is tiered, with different prices for different plans. CloudFfare doesn't bill for bandwidth usage, and you can upgrade or downgrade easily between plans.

Cloudflare Free: - Speeds up your website, offers broad-spectrum security protection, and provides useful statistics about the visitors to your site.  Free

Cloudflare Pro: - With this solution, your website will perform faster and you'll get insight into what is going on with your site, as well as SSL, mobile optimizations, web application firewall, and real-time stats.  $20/month for the first website; each subsequent website is $5 per site/month

Cloudflare Business: - In addition to all Pro features, you also be given the ability to customize fully. There is a 100% up-time guarantee, Railgun web optimization, advanced denial of service attack mitigation, and more.  $200/month per website

Cloudflare Enterprise: - This plan has all the Business features plus a setup consultation, 24/7 phone support, dedicated account management, an SLA of 2500%, and more.  Average price is $5,000 per month (need to call sales for an accurate quote)

Cloudflare Projects By Members

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Last-minute platform to boost sales and data collection
Launched a last-minute platform to deliver marketing boost and data collection in 20 days. Created a platform for... more»

Cloudflare Consultants

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Dr Ioannis Syrigos is a Computer and Electrical Engineer, an Entrepreneur, co-owner and Managing Director of Stella Novus LTD, an IT consulting company running several individual online projects (Ancient-Origins.net, Members.Ancient-Origins.net, Evolving-Science.com, EnglishWithJo.com and... more>>
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Think of a person who understands the role of technology in the business, power of publishing in marketing & branding, knows how to build a website, market it and also scale it! Well, that's me. Hi, I'm Mayank Gupta and I'm your one stop for all the web/digital business requirements. In... more>>
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Linux/Cisco/Microsoft Infraestructure Manager
Working towards CCIP certification CCNP certified Interested in WMI/SNMP monitoring, Cisco technologies, open source software in Linux platforms Online gaming software

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