Dotcom-Monitor MetricsView Monitoring Overview

What is Dotcom-Monitor MetricsView Monitoring?
Monitor Server performance by tracking and uploading Windows Performance Counters, Linux Collectd counters or SNMP data to the Dotcom-Monitor cloud where it can be monitored next to other performance indexes such as website performance.

Dotcom-Monitor MetricsView Monitoring is also known as MetricsView Monitoring.

Buyer's Guide

Download the IT Infrastructure Monitoring Buyer's Guide including reviews and more. Updated: June 2021

Dotcom-Monitor MetricsView Monitoring Customers
Dish Network, Dell, Volvo, Xerox, American InterContinental University,
Dotcom-Monitor MetricsView Monitoring Video

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Sales Manager at a construction company
Real User
It shows us not only when utilization is high, but also when it's low

What is our primary use case?

Monitoring of computers in a call center setting. We have at least 30 computers with agents located onsite for our company. With no official tech support, MetricsView was a great alternative. I wanted something that would save time and keep employees working and calling.

Pros and Cons

  • "MetricsView allows us to keep an eye on computer memory, internal network availability, processors, etc. Letting us know where our issues are coming from based on those numbers."
  • "It shows us not only when utilization is high, but also when it is low."
  • "It allows us to easily troubleshoot computer issues instead of calling a tech person or do the troubleshooting ourselves and taking the time to do it."
  • "An online app or download would be useful for the next release, possibly even a phone app that I could use to view my dashboard when I am stationed remotely."