Future Tech Systems Envision VIP Overview

What is Future Tech Systems Envision VIP?
Envision VIP is an agile, highly configurable enterprise modeling and knowledge integration environment. Easily customizable stakeholder views support secure collaborative access and analysis of all vital enterprise information. Strategic plans, business capabilities, services, processes, rules, risks, and literally any other desired enterprise resources, tangible or intangible, are securely managed as "Intuitive Business Objects". The key to Envision VIP´s power is its uniquely flexible business-object-oriented (BOO) repository combined with its intuitive user interface. Users can easily create standard or uniquely customized models, classes, and attributes. Dynamic links between these business objects – in the form of user-friendly graphical views, documents, text, pictures, sound, and video – are all easily supported. Additionally, users can apply filters and rules to manage and analyze these objects using various techniques. These tecniqies include spreadsheet-like Matrix Analysis, powerful report writing tools, and custom SQL query capabilities. Users can export models and other information maintained in Envision’s repository to other productivity applications, presentation packages, spreadsheets, and databases.

Future Tech Systems Envision VIP is also known as Envision VIP.

Future Tech Systems Envision VIP Buyer's Guide

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BlueCross BlueShield of North Carolina
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