JIRA Portfolio Room for Improvement

Sean Du Sart
Technical Manager at a tech services company with 1,001-5,000 employees
I think to improve the product they need to work on integration. I think what I call heterogeneous integration into other tools will be important. It would be nice to work with data modeling from any tool. From an enterprise reporting perspective, you definitely want to be able to take core data, put it into any sort of raw database and be able to manipulate it to get the information you are looking for. I think the reporting side is probably where JIRA is not the strongest product in my view. Needed improvements just boil down to an improved integration. I know it is always going to be a challenge to add new features, but I think better integration around Microsoft or other core applications would help. I think big data warehousing is important. Enabling RPA for the benefits that can offer would help as well. View full review »
PLM Development at a transportation company with 10,001+ employees
Generally, I'm a happy customer when it comes to this product. The product's speed could be improved. However, there is really no software that can ever be fast enough. I would like to see more flexible reporting and the ability to customize reports. If the pricing could be reconsidered by the company, that would be helpful to all users and organizations using the product. On a scale of one to ten, one being the worst and ten being the best, I would rate JIRA Portfolio as an eight. That is based on German skepticism. To be a ten is not even being a silver bullet, it's being a gold bullet. Very rare if it even exists. The only product I use that is a ten is TeX (or LaTeX). It is public domain software, 30 years old, absolutely stable, it never crashes, it uses a minimum amount of resources because it has no GUI. That is as close to perfect as a product can be. View full review »
Serge Pflumio
Owner at YggVal
There could be many things that could be improved but we haven't been working with it long enough to accurately find the weak points. The pricing of add-ons could be improved. You should have the option to pay only for the users concerned, that would be fine, because of the dashboards everybody has access to the dashboard. This solution is not able to be integrated with other solutions because you have to upgrade it and pay for more licensing. View full review »
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Christos Stentoumis
Co-Founder at up2metric P.C.
I think that front-end development is a little bit buggy in some cases. Some of the features take a while to respond and some need to be more clear. Now we are using next-generation projects, so it's simpler to set the projects up than it was in the past. There is some work to be done there to have a clearer interface and workflow of how to organize a simple software project. View full review »
Agile Consultant at Capgemini
I would say that there's a lot of reporting on the dashboard so something that can be improved is the project level visibility because it is a little unclear. Especially when you compare it to JIRA Central. View full review »
Senior Technical Lead at a tech vendor with 10,001+ employees
I think their view needs to be more user-friendly. The UI makes it difficult to find things. Secondly, the configuration is very complex. JIRA should help people find out what configuration they are using. There are many issues, but I would say the UI needs to be improved most. Also, some training documents need to be there with respect to their configuration. They don't have training documents easily available. You really need to figure it out by yourself. That is something they must improve. View full review »
Steffen Bärschneider
Test Manager at a financial services firm with 11-50 employees
The stakeholders have to decide to use JIRA and that's the problem. Not all the stakeholders are in touch with JIRA but we need their budget for the whole team to get the opportunity to use JIRA. It's not a problem with the tool, it's our organization. Some of the stakeholders have other opinions and they like to use other tools. The initial setup could use improvement. View full review »
Agile Coach at a tech services company with 201-500 employees
We would like to have an option for a secure board that we can give to our clients that would allow them to see certain aspects during development, but not so much that they can steal all of our information. A dashboard specifically for customers would improve this solution. Sometimes I have a customer-solution in addition to the more general solution. I would like to be able to differentiate these using perhaps a different color. If I get a feature but there is not a user story, and I want to know which epic it belongs to, it is really hard to figure out. It is hard to work from the bottom up. If you tap on your epic you can see its features, and if you open its features you can see user stores. If you go on, if you are going from top to bottom, it works well. However, if you want to go from the bottom up, it is very hard to do. View full review »
IT Department at a tech services company with 1-10 employees
The workflow needs improvement. The product itself could be improved in many ways, but at the moment I don't have anything very specific to discuss. It might be helpful to have a simple version of the solution built for a small number of users that would be fast and have a straightforward installation process. View full review »
Software Engineer at a tech services company with 1,001-5,000 employees
When I want to embed Jira Portfolio in a complete HLI cycle, I'm missing things to evaluate my ethic into my value stream. View full review »
Learn what your peers think about JIRA Portfolio. Get advice and tips from experienced pros sharing their opinions. Updated: April 2020.
419,792 professionals have used our research since 2012.