What is Microsoft BI?

Microsoft BI is a business intelligence solution that turns data into insightful and useful business information that is relevant to all levels of the business.

Microsoft BI combines familiar Microsoft tools - Office, SharePoint, and SQL server, with extra features for end-users, such as Power View and Power Pivot. This powerful product gives businesses a competitive advantage by allowing end-users to better analyze their data, collaborate and better present their data.

Also known as
SSRS, SSAS, MSBI, MS BI, MS Reporting Services, Power BI, Microsoft BI Tools, Microsoft Big Data
Sample customers

Konica Minolta, Klout, Mahindra Satyam, The Weather Channel, Argus, Credit Suisse, NCR, and Sysmex.

Microsoft BI Reviews

3.8 out of 5 stars
Business intelligence tools report from it central station 2017 08 26 thumbnail
Find out what your peers are saying about Tableau, Qlik, Oracle and others in Business Intelligence Tools.
228,703 professionals have used our research on 5,836 solutions.
Business intelligence tools report from it central station 2017 08 26 thumbnail
Find out what your peers are saying about Tableau, Qlik, Oracle and others in Business Intelligence Tools.
228,703 professionals have used our research on 5,836 solutions.


User Assessments By Topic About Microsoft BI

No product is perfect, and the Microsoft stack is no exception. The first things that come to mind are Microsoft's recent shift in strategy to focus on cloud first. While this makes sense for them, it leaves the on-premise products lagging in support and new features, while the vast majority of users (mid to large corporations) are still using on-premise solutions and/or are cloud-averse. For example, the announcement that the pricing model for Power BI would change, simultaneously rolling out both Power BI Premium and Power BI Report Server created a great deal of confusion for people who were very enthusiastic about the product. The failures to address concerns with the speed and nature of the changes were felt by users across the spectrum, and it was a situation created by their cloud-first strategy. Similarly, if you look at the tried and true on-premise options for data processing, interfacing with emerging technologies, especially big data technologies, lags behind. This is considerably less true for Azure users, but that is specifically a cloud offering, which again, many corporate entities are not yet ready to embrace. It's easy to think of BI as only the visualization aspect of data, and that point of contact between users and data is absolutely where the rubber meets the road in BI. In reality, there are a whole stack of tools and concepts behind the visualization that enable that interaction - from security, data governance, integration, performance, network and infrastructure, and automation... there are many facets to BI as a system. The visualization aspect, while being the most visible to business users, also happens the be the weakest point in the entire Microsoft BI stack. The PowerBI visualization experience is underwhelming in almost every way compared to many alternatives. Another difficulty is navigating the many products within the suite. There are many components, and each component has many versions. Dealing with feature and compatibility issues with so many versions of so many products can be very frustrating at times. Microsoft does not do itself any favors on this front with the way they name their products. "PowerBI", for example, could be in reference to the desktop design tool, a cloud-based service for publishing and administering data models (which comes with three distinctively different pricing models, the features of which are different and not interchangable), or an on-premise server solution replacing SSRS. You'll make yourself dizzy looking at the Azure services offered. The good news is the sky's the limit, the bad news is you'll have to navigate some pretty cloudy areas to make heads or tales of what to actually use.
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Avigail Sugarman
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György KissI think OBIEE isvery powerful when it comes to huge data volumes. You can set... more »
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Abhishek I used both products rather briefly. In my experience, OBIEE is better... more »
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reviewer84291I haven't used either, but I can Imagine that if you already have an Oracle... more »
Database Expert at a energy/utilities company with 1,001-5,000 employees
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Rich MycroftHi, What you have indicated is pretty much what I see and have been quietly... more »
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tjbateRich - I feel for you. The supposed benefits of standardisation of end-user... more »
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Todd CanedyI can't see one replacing the other. They are two distinctively different... more »

Microsoft BI Projects By Members

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Launched a Manufacturing Intelligence program using Microsoft BI
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Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing Developer Co-Leader of Charlotte BI Group Co-Organizer of SQL Saturday 237 Co-Organizer of SQL Saturday 174 Professional skills & interests: • Design and development of BI, data warehousing, and OLAP solutions • Needs analysis, requirements... more>>
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5+ years of experience building and managing an international Business Intelligence practice. 10+ years of cross-industry experience in architecting, designing and building Business Intelligence solutions. Microsoft Certified Trainer specializing in SQL Server, Business intelligence and... more>>

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