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Consultant with 201-500 employees
Jun 04 2018

What do you think of Okta?

Primary Use Case We used this solution for provisioning more than one and a half LAC users and integrating more than 300 applications. SSO and MFA has been implemented on almost all applications. MFA options used: RSA token, Okta Verify, etc. • Improvements to My Organization Integrating more than 300 applications is quite tough. With the help of Okta and its outstanding user friendly UI, things went fairly easily. • Valuable Features The ease of JIT provisioning. Wide range of MFA options. I prefer "Okta Verify" out of them all. Last, but not least, the ease of writing rules. • Room for Improvement RESTful Web Service calls and their response seem a bit slow. • Use of Solution Less than one year.

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