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QA Manager at a tech vendor with 51-200 employees
Jun 30 2013

What do you think of Odin Virtuozzo Containers?

Something I’ve known myself for quite a while but felt it should be echoed here. The Parallels Virtuozzo product in my own personal opinion is although a great concept it is a terrible implementation. The Windows implementation itself is beyond problematic with numerous issues in installing useful things onto containers, roles that can’t be added, templates that never work correctly, the inability to stop and start things sometimes. 90% of the time the only way to fix an issue is to reboot the entire node which if you’re hosting a few important containers under an SLA is a headache in itself. Linux containers are usually the better ones with the least amount of issues, however, recently I personally came across a good example of why it’s pretty poor. A particular users container…

What is Odin Virtuozzo Containers?

Parallels Virtuozzo Containers creates isolated containers on a single physical server and OS instance.
Also known as
Virtuozzo Containers
Odin Virtuozzo Containers customers
OzHosting.com, Triple C, ServerNest, Vastspace, Conetix
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