What is Oracle Essbase?

Oracle Essbase is an OLAP (Online Analytical Processing) Server that provides an environment for deploying pre-packaged applications or developing custom analytic and enterprise performance management applications.
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CHU de Rennes, Bellco Credit Union, Akindo Sushiro Co. Ltd, Deutsche Telekom AG, Samarco MineraÊo S.A., PCCW Ltd., QDQ media S.A.U., Boiron Italia, Specialized Bicycle Components Inc., Akindo Sushiro Co. Ltd., Air Canada, Daelim Industrial Co. Ltd.

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Big data
EPM Projects
EPM environment redesign. All global application were redesigned for max performance and better usability.

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EPM/BI certified Consultant, Oracle ACE and TeraCorp Consulting CEO
More than 20 years engaging in EIS, BI, EPM projects in Brazil working for the last 5 years in global projects to a fortune 100 client. Highly adaptable in reverencing local cultures and business environment with an easy going consultative style. • First and only Oracle ACE in Business... more>>

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