Pure Storage FlashArray Managing/Administrating

How has the solution affected the effort or time involved in managing and administrating your storage? Please describe.

Rob Wysocki
Infrastructure Engineer at Paylocity
The solution has reduced the time involved in managing and administrating our storage, which is one of its primary appeals.
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Senior Manager of Technical Alliances at a tech vendor with 1,001-5,000 employees
It takes drastically less time to manage and administer the solution. We would have about three or four people who were dedicated just to work on storage with only one guy who could actually do the Hitachi replication, because it used old archaic technology called HORCM files. In the Pure Storage realm, this is not true. All our junior partners can administer the storage arrays. It is simple and easy to use. We don't have to dedicate a whole team of full time people to work on it.
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Network Engineer at a logistics company with 201-500 employees
It saves us on administrative work.
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Thayne Yost
Senior Network Engineer at US Dept of Energy Idaho Operations Office
It's reduced our overhead management time on storage, since it is so simple to get in and just provision a volume, present it to the host, and then you are done. With the old HPE system, there were quite a few more steps to have to deal with. Therefore, it has definitely reduced our management.
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Cecilia Lenasdotter
Network Engineer at Altura Credit Union
The solution has minimized the time involved in managing and administrating our storage.
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Dave Petroski
Senior Architect at Southwest Gas Corporation
We have reduced the time involved in managing and administrating our storage.
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Derek Small
President and Principal Architect Engineer at Technetics
As a partner administrating the solution, the back-end reporting has positively affected the time involved in managing and administrating.
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Sarkis Kotelyan
System Administrator at VERIFI
We don't have to build any type of storage device, which takes a long time for an IT guy to do. For storage, this makes it much easier when it is set up, because it can be done almost the same day that it is purchased.
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