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  • Splunk
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Robert Pollard
Real User
Director of IT at a government with 1-10 employees
Apr 24 2018

What do you think of Splunk?

Primary Use Case: We primary use Splunk for log aggregation and search across multiple systems with Splunk Enterprise Security layered on top.  • Improvements to My Organization: Splunk has significantly reduced the time in performing the task of aggregating logs, reviewing as well as time spent during investigations. This has not only increased our speed of response, but our efficiency dealing with the issue(s) raised. • Valuable Features: Aggregation searches, allowing for conditions to be automatically found in the data, have reduced time and difficulty of identifying trends and conditions which need to reviewed. • Room for Improvement: The case management area of the ES could be improved. The ability to move cases through various stages and states. The ability to...

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