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Project Manager at a consultancy with 51-200 employees
Jun 26 2012

What do you think of SAP StreamWork?

I reviewed SAP StreamWork as a judge for the 2012 SIIA CODIE Awards. I considered SAP StreamWork to be the most outstanding/ "best in class" platform in the collaborative category. I was given full video guided demonstration of the product and was impressed with the following pros: *Number of applications with which StreamWork could integrate *Speed of user transition from one application to the next *The fact that there is a mobile iOS app for SAP Streamwork *A free version of the software is available to individual users who sign up. The only con of SAP StreamWork was price, as it was more expensive than some of the other platforms I reviewed.

What is SAP StreamWork?

StreamWork is helping the user to strategize, problem solve, and drive action by collaborating with people, data, and structured business tools. It reduce email overload, improve productivity, and drive faster, more informed decision making. StreamWork will provide streamline business-critical work by collaborating directly in your applications and business processes
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SAP StreamWork customers
Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT), The NEC Group, University of Amsterdam, City of Boston, Takisada-Osaka Co. Ltd., The Charmer Sunbelt Group
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