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President & CEO at Infosol Inc
Feb 26 2018

What do you think of SAP Business Objects?

It is true that there are often challenges when upgrading between releases of BusinessObjects but this has always been the case as it has been for all the other BI and software application vendors too. A few rules of thumb for BusinessObjects software are: 1. Never upgrade to an x.0 release - always wait for at least the x.1 release and even the first or second service pack of that release 2. Never attempt to perform a release upgrade if you have not done one before. Get training and experience first or use a reputable BO Consulting company 3. Experiment with the new release on a sandbox environment to become familiar with the changes and find any major issues before attempting a migration to production Once you are stable on a BusinessObjects release, it is worth...
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Business Intelligence Applications Team Leader at a energy/utilities company with 5,001-10,000 employees
Sep 24 2017

What is most valuable?

It allows the analysis of business data and enables decisions based on the analysis. I found the SAP suite of products powerful. They scale well for enterprise use, i.e., thousands of recipients of the output of the products as dashboards... more»

How has it helped my organization?

It gets people off Microsoft Excel spreadsheets and sharing the same reports/dashboards, so departments receive the same figures for KPIs and company performance. This stopped the waste of time in management meetings, whereby people would... more»

What needs improvement?

More thorough testing of Service Packs before release.
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Director/ Entrepreneur/ SAP CRM Functional at a tech services company
Jun 04 2017

What do you think of SAP Hybris PCM?

Valuable Features Controls product data for all channels from one single source Contains and provide a single face related to products across all channels Classifies and categorizes products, manages catalog versions, and imports multiple supplier catalogs • Improvements to My Organization Our implementation provides the business with the ability to cope with a high volume of orders per day, quickly and successfully in a diversified configurable environment. • Room for Improvement The solution needs flexibility to integrate into discount, vouchers, and orders. • Use of Solution We have been using this solution for two years. • Deployment Issues There were some issues in deployment. In the future, we may use the multi-system integration into the system. •...
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Project and IT Architecture Manager at a security firm with 1,001-5,000 employees
Jul 17 2017

What do you think of SAP ASE?

Valuable Features OLTP features Robustness Reliability • Improvements to My Organization We receive millions of events from our customers and ASE. We are able to process them with thousand of operators working concurrently 24/7. Usual activity is 1900 user & application connections, 1,500 transactions/sec, and 38,000 queries/sec • Room for Improvement Cluster features: The Cluster Edition didn't get the same level of reliability as the Enterprise Edition did. • Use of Solution I have been using it for the last 20 years. • Stability Issues During the last 20 years, I have never had a stability problem with this product. Small specific bugs, but not affecting 24/7 operations. • Scalability Issues Old versions had problems with scalability, due to...
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Assistant Athletic Business Manager at a healthcare company with 5,001-10,000 employees
Aug 23 2017

What is most valuable?

The PunchOut functionality is fantastic as it makes shopping very easy. This has saved us a lot of time in that employees can look directly on a vendor's website, see what's available, and order it.

How has it helped my organization?

Rather than having to run orders through the business office and have them placed by someone else, users can do their own shopping and submit their own carts. This has reduced a lot of data entry and improved efficiency, as we do not need to... more»

What needs improvement?

The SAP portion of the procurement is not always obvious or user friendly. Things such as cost center can be prepopulated for items selected, but the vendor cannot. For larger shopping carts, this becomes somewhat tedious having to enter the... more»

SAP Projects

Check out these projects from our community members.
Project management
Successful Technical & Business Implementation of Enterprise Project & Portfolio Management
Successful implementation of an entreprise project & portfolio management platform in a leading pharma R&D... more»
EAI Process Centric Integration for HR ESS/MSS/HRSS
Deliver HR self service (ESS/MSS/HRSS) by integrating existing HR transactions (Personnel Administration, Payroll)... more»
HR Software Tools - European HR BPO project
Development, implementation and maintenance of all HR Tools needed for strategic European HR BPO project for General... more»
Ground-up implementation of enterprise eCommerce platform
Ground-up implementation of enterprise B2B eCommerce platform. No existing eCommerce application. Executed Project... more»
Big data
Reporting Portal Transformation Project
Objective: 700+ operational, asset management, and managed service KPI reports had to be converted from a... more»
Enterprise architecture and integration
Managed my team to implement SAP SuccessFactors LMS
Managed my team to implement SAP SuccessFactors LMS within 5 months duration Project LEAP Implementation of SF... more»
Building Smart City from the ground up
22 CityLink is a global leader in smart city development and technology. Through their dedication to providing... more»

SAP Questions

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Content Specialist
IT Central Station
Apr 14 2018
One of the most popular comparisons on IT Central Station is Microsoft Azure or SAP HANA Cloud Platform. One IT Central Station user says about  Microsoft Azure that "it has become a one stop shop for cloud computing and continuing to grow".  Another user says about SAP HANA Cloud... more»
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Joseph AbramoTwo different platforms. Once based on Memory processing for SAP applications... more»
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Don ChewSAP HANA cloud is the only option for SAP enterprise customers for their... more»
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IT Manager & Business Controller with 51-200 employees
Dec 20 2017
What are the most critical functional differences between S4 HANA & M3?
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Project Manager - HCM Solutions at a tech vendor with 1,001-5,000 employees
Nov 05 2017
Looking for a comparison of Microsoft SQL 2017 and SAP Hana.
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Mordechai DanielovSAP Hana under the full use license can support non-SAP applications that's... more»
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Sangeetha RamamurthyThere are several similarities b/w the relational databases. I would go with... more»
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Royden AkerleyDP DHL does use both tools but the use is largely restricted by business... more»
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Software Engineer at a tech services company with 11-50 employees
Nov 02 2017
I have been unable to find documentation on SuccessFactors - ServiceNow Integration. Where can I find a document or case studies on this integration?  Thank you
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Braden SnymanServiceNow Announces Product Integration with SAP® SuccessFactors® Employee... more»
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Christian MenescalHello Kumar, Check the link... more»
Hyperion Planning or SAP BPC?
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User at a energy/utilities company with 1,001-5,000 employees
Dear Team, I would like a cost comparison for CRM SAP, Salesforce and Pega. Hopefully someone can provide me the details. Thank you
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Head HRM Technology at a manufacturing company with 10,001+ employees
1. What are some points to focus on if we are considering this product? 2. How does it compare to other competing products like SAP Successfactors, Oracle HCM and CornerStone OnDemand? 3. How is the support rated for India?
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Geert Van GuchtI see them less in recent new contracts for larger organisations, which are... more»

SAP Consultants

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Sr. SAP HCM Consultant
Certified SAP HCM Consultant SAP Certified Application Associate – SuccessFactors Employee Central Q2/2015 - Plan and justify global SAP HR roll outs. Design and deliver due diligence and blueprint, change management plan. - Manage SAP HR implementations: configuration, security, reporting,... more>>
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SAP HCM/SuccessFactors Consultant
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SAP Business Objects Lead Consultant
SAP Consultant specializing in Business Intelligence (BOBJ), Strategic Planning (SSM) and Business Planning (BPC), with degrees in Information Systems from PUCRS and MBA in Project Management from FGV. More than 08 years of experience in Information Technology, performance in multinational... more>>
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SAP SuccessFactors Center of Excellence
I Consider myself as a solution provider for successFactors LMS, love solving business problems with best practices as methodology. successfully front headed a project as a Lead consultant. Objectives: 1. To work as a SF lead consultant for LMS module for a long run in an organization. 2.... more>>
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Senior Consultant, Predictive Analytics
Business Analytics all-rounder Data Science • Microsoft Azure Machine Learning • SAP Predictive Analytics • Tableau Data Warehousing & Reporting • SAP Business Intelligence • SAP HANA • Design Studio Enterprise Performance Management • SAP Business Objects Planning and Consolidation • SAP... more>>
Reviewed SAP BusinessObjects Predictive Analytics : Recommended For Business Users Because It Hides The...
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Partner, Consultant, and Independent Contractor
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SQL Server DBA, system administrator, virtualization junkie, blogger, author and speaker.
Reviewed SAP Business Objects: Business Objects on Linux and SQL Server

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