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What is SemaphoreCI?
With Semaphore, you can easily automate the process of software testing and delivery in the cloud. It is designed to be easy to use and engineered for high performance. It automatically test your app after every change, thus finding bugs before they reach your users. Whenever somebody pushes new code to GitHub or Bitbucket, Semaphore immediately runs all tests, along with any security and style checks that you’ve defined. Once you start using Semaphore, every build automatically becomes a part of the GitHub or Bitbucket pull request review process. It tests multiple projects and branches simultaneously as you push new commits. By default Semaphore automatically builds every new branch in your Git repository. Semaphore’s custom-made platform for Docker equips you with unrestricted access to latest Docker CLI toolchain, including container image caching. Safety net provided by automated CI builds: check. Next up: move even faster with continuous deployment. With a unified workflow for the entire team, Semaphore enables the team to roll-in revisions and gain feedback faster by automatically deploying verified versions of code.
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Dribble, Art Sy, 500px, General Assembly, CrunchBase, Lexmark
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