Syncfusion Big Data Platform Overview

What is Syncfusion Big Data Platform?
The Syncfusion Big Data Platform includes a complete production environment that can run Hadoop jobs in a scalable manner on a full cluster, With the Syncfusion Hadoop distribution, in minutes you can create clusters using commodity machines running the most recent versions of Windows and Providing with cluster management system that comes with built-in support for managing multiple clusters. The included Cluster Manager application makes provisioning easy, allowing you to manage and monitor multiple-node Hadoop clusters on Windows, can cache tables in the Spark Thrift Server with a few clicks, allows you to effectively manage the resources in Microsoft Azure with options to track billing details and shut down, restart, and destroy the virtual machines as required and facilitates seamless integration with Active Directory Server.

Syncfusion Big Data Platform is also known as Syncfusion Essential Studio.

Syncfusion Big Data Platform Customers
Symantec, Bridgestone, Deloitte, Electronic Arts, Bosch, Fidelity Investments, Wipro, HCL, IBM, Infosys, ABB, Fila, Marks & Spencers
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