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What is Yellowfin?
Yellowfin offers a business intelligence (BI) platform that allows users to interact with big data in a variety of ways. Yellowfin works to provide big data access to companies of all sizes, from small business to billion-dollar enterprises. It is designed for providing data quickly and allowing users to filter for specific results, maximizing gain from big data. Yellowfin has a variety of dashboards so the user can filter, drill to detail, and have data analysis in the same browser. The data can also be easily shared with others via email, wiki embed, and reports. There is a mobile app as well, which works automatically with the desktop dashboards to allow users to access their data on the go, and alerts can be set up to notify a user via email or push to a mobile device if the data is indicating a critical event taking place. Yellowfin also can map data to locations, providing not only the what of data, but also the where. Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust provides its community in England with mental health and community care services. Using Yellowfin's mobile business intelligence capabilities to deliver reporting and analytics to approximately 6000 clinicians, Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust was able to greatly improve the quality of its patient care. Yellowfin allowed the Trust to access and share independent data from mobile devices as well as create a Balanced Scoreboard to quickly gather and report information on the company's performance to its executives, management, and directors.
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Yellowfin Customers
NCS, Universitat Konstanz, AT&T, PG&E, SingTel, InternetStores
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‎IS Executive at SAINS
It is a central source of up-to-date data and information, but needs more charting capabilities

What is our primary use case?

Management information Reporting Statistics Data analysis It reduces sending copies of different report/spreadsheet versions over email, which makes it difficult to access the right report. It is also able to create information dashboards for various users' throughout. 

How has it helped my organization?

All management information is presented nicely in one platform. It is able to create a wide range of analysis and data for presentation.

What is most valuable?

It is a central source of up-to-date data and information. It reduces time to reproduce reports, provides easy access to organisational data, and has the ability to generate a wide range of reports and analysis.

What needs improvement?

It needs more of the following: Analytics,…
Director with 51-200 employees
Very scalable design and easy to implement. It can reside alongside more complex enterprise systems.

What other advice do I have?

If it is used in conjunction with a Data Mart creation tool like BI Ready it will ease the implementation. Note: there are a number of products like this – as an implementer this is the one that we have decided to put into our package of products to solve a problem (I’m with QFire, which produces a data quality product that checks data before it is used in the Data Mart). It is so simple to setup a demo version of this product however – talk to Yellowfin about getting a trial download so that you can play with it. You can set it up with an internal database just for that purpose (it wouldn’t…