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How does Microsoft Teams compare with Altassian Confluence?


Which would you choose and why?

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Because Microsoft Teams is not a wiki, therefore it makes no sense to compare it to Confluence, a wiki.

And one should be careful not to store wiki content in (Teams) chats because the data in the chat is not structured and is very difficult to find again.

We would never choose Atlassian products again because the prices increase very much every year, longstanding errors are not fixed, the licensing for on-premise is exorbitantly high and you are practically forced to store the data on the Atlassian servers.

That's why we have several projects underway that aim to replace JIRA, Confluence, etc. And it is a great joy and relief for all team members to be getting closer to this goal.

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Microsoft Teams has good conference call quality and is perfect for large group meetings - the up to 90k+ capacity is amazing! The simplicity of scheduling for video conferencing, especially when using Outlook for email and calendar, makes everything very easy. One click to schedule the meeting, one click activates the meeting. It's that easy. They offer different options with backgrounds, which our teams like very much. One favorite feature is the repository, which is great for knowledge management. We can store and retrieve documents, maintain control, and collaborate freely and easily with each other.

We would like to see the same functionality between mobile and desktop applications, though. Some of the features vary greatly and this can make things difficult. Microsoft Teams takes up a lot of bandwidth, which can slow things down at peak times. This can also affect things like screen sharing, downloading, and losing sound and video.

The Wiki software that comes with Atlassian Confluence is great. Atlassian Confluence is extremely intuitive and user-friendly; you don’t have to be tech-savvy to use it. Atlassian Confluence has a great offering of templates that can be used for just about any situation, such as creating documents, charts, or enhanced tables. The hyper-linking and drawing tools are one of our favorite features.

Atlassian Confluence recently stopped offering the self-hosted version of the product. The cloud-based service currently offered can be very expensive for smaller companies. There could also be more flexibility when it comes to editing a page to make it look the way you want it to look.


For what we were looking for, we felt Microsoft Teams was the best fit. You get great collaborative options, documentation workflows, and follow-up. The additional benefit of extraordinary call conferencing options that are fully integrated with the Microsoft ecosystem made it a very easy choice for us.

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