What is the biggest difference between IBM FileNet and EverTeam?

I have experience working for a computer software company with 10,000+ employees. 

We are currently evaluating IBM FileNet and Everteam. What are the main differences between the two? Which would you recommend? 

Thanks! I appreciate the help.

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If you are comparing the products, then it's important to look into your requirements outside the product.

From the comparison point of view, we have worked with EverTeam which is SharePoint based and FileNet.

FileNet is a much-matured product and can be compared to Opentext, Documentum (now OT), as it has a complete gamete of information management (Do you actually require all of it? that you have to identify internally), and its heavy on budget.

Whereas EverTeam can be compared to Omnidocs or Laserfiche which has all the required functionalities of Document Management, CMS but I am doubtful on their DAM capabilities.

But most important is your requirement/scope, if it is clear, than any vendor will be able to address the same provided they have a competent implementation team.

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1. IBM platform requires SME for the broad platform.
2. The cost can be a challenge for the IBM platform.

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I am interested to know more about all the products as mentioned below, but I am not an expert to discuss and compare.

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We don't have any experience with Ever Team but as far as I know, you need to take into consideration what the feature is that must be in your ECM solution.

FileNet is a stable high volume system but as long as you add more features, you can run into a performance issue. You can ingest a huge amount of DOC via ICC (IBM Content Collector ). You can spread your installation with different repositories across your region. You can easily scale up your system. The new version is CONTAINER KUBERNTES DOCKER.

Textual search and analytics are not so flexible so it will be hard to compare between those 2 softwares.

Are you going to use BPM? Did you compere IBM BOW 19 VS Ever Team?

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