2015-10-25 12:49:45 UTC

When evaluating Storage Management, what aspect do you think is the most important to look for?

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Automation, security, ease of management are just but a few.

2017-06-03 18:02:27 UTC03 June 17
Real User

Ease and unity of use
Simplicity and functionality
Expandability and scalability
Are some of the important matters

2017-02-07 19:01:09 UTC07 February 17
Real User

lot depends on the environment. If it is a single vendor situation then the vendor tools could be sufficient but generally (in my experience) there are mixtures of different technologies (including Sw, switches etc). Then you need something that is fairly simple but reliable (accurate information).
Copy management is one big problem area and quite often overlooked.

2017-02-07 07:29:19 UTC07 February 17

Data progression, compression, encryption at rest, expandability, GUI that is intuitive to use. Reporting is a huge benefit not just space but IOPs! All these features are critical when managing your storage environment.

2017-02-06 21:57:52 UTC06 February 17
Real User

I would look at my storage landscape and think of:

Prevailing business requirements: SLAs, Data retention policies, etc.
Landscape Homogeneity: I would like to have as few vendors as possible to manage staff numbers and skills within my team.
Administrative and financial cost: This is in terms of scope, functionality and ease of use, and not just financial cost. Things like technology (compatibility), security etc. count as well.
Migration cost: If necessary, depending on whether I need to change my CMO.

While all these are critical to me, I would rate cost (as I have described it above) highest.

2017-02-06 19:50:00 UTC06 February 17

Ease of use.
choosing pre-defined options/functions and only specifing needed numeric parameter
kike percentage by which to increase the secondary alloc value/

2016-05-08 13:54:53 UTC08 May 16
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