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Which is the best RPA solution for performance testing automation?


I work for an information technology and services company.

I want to use RPA to automate performance testing in my office, which solution would you recommend? 

Thanks! I appreciate the help.

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This really depends on what you're "performance testing" about, and the type of testing you want to do. You've stated a very general term - "performance testing in my office". So am assuming that you're talking about

If it's software and its agile what's your method - BDD, ATDD, Exploratory, session based? If so, look at Selenium, CloudQA, Tosca. We like Selenium and we're agnostic but it's worked for us on 'certain' products we've developed - not everything. One size doesn't fit all.

If it's end-to-end testing on processes or an automated workflow or process automation solution - definitely use an RPA solution where software applications are involved - our recommendations for many customers (and based on the use cases for clients) we use UiPath, Kryon and Automation Anywhere - but almost any RPA should be able to do what you need in this case. If cost is an issue then suggest you try UiPath or Kryon. Too many choices? If you specify the criteria a bit more (you can message me) then we can tell you about specific experience and scenarios we've implemented internally and with clients.

Although using an RPA is kinda overkill (unlike others) I don't think its the size of organization that matters. It's the complexity of your apps and complexity of your processes that should determine the value for your company. If you have scarce resources and need to scale automated testing and it delivers better quality and delivery, and if the value for you is high (even if it saves you time and a couple of headcount) then the ROI is worth it. We know of many startups we work with for example that need to adopt automation in order to scale faster without the overhead of people, yet compete to deliver excellent service quality in their products. The payoff from a business and growth standpoint is worth the investment in something like RPA.

Hope this helps you at least consider needs vs outcome value.

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With the lack of detail provided around "performance testing in my office", we have a proprietary RPA solution that is tailored for the SMB space. The "Big 3" in the RPA space (UiPath, Automation Anywhere and Blue Prism) will probably be overkill and certainly too expensive for a company of your size. You can contact me directly if you want to discuss further or learn more about our solution. Good luck in your search!!!

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Talking about using RPA as Selenium, RPA can be used as a test machine, but it is not recommended. It is because RPA is not directly applied to the product but it is associated with the business environment whereas Selenium is directly applied to the product. So you can choose any RPA tool AA, UI, BP that you are the most comfortable using. And if you're a beginner choose UiPath for quick results.

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We have been using UiPath for 8 months. So far the experience has been very good. As the second option in my previous company we used Automation Anywhere. It´s also a great tool.

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Please define Performance Testing in your office or provide a more detailed use case.

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How do you imagine measuring the performance of your office with RPA?

If you want to measure efficiency between workflows performed by people or departments, that provide you with a detailed view with a dashboard, and also identify bottlenecks that must be addressed, I suggest the ABBYY TimeLine.

Now, if it's really an RPA application and you don't want this robot not to be in the 24x7 format, I recommend UiPath. because it has the lowest cost, is scalable and easy to develop.

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As long as you have pre build test cases, any RPA tool could fulfil your requirements.

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UiPath is a good RPA to use. But for testing, you may want to review automated testing tools like Tricentis Tosca.

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Could you clarify exactly what "performance testing" means within your organization?

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The first and important thing is to identify if the process you are trying to automate is financially viable. Many vendors tell you to automate but does it really serves the purpose is the question.

You can use the online tool www.rpaofficer.com to find out the process that needs to be automated or reach us to help you with a process walkthrough and identify the same.

Once it’s done you can decide on the tools. We would suggest the use of Intellibot since it’s very simple to use. It’s drag and drop studio can be used by non coders too.

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