2017-11-09 13:18:05 UTC

When evaluating Robotic Process Automation, what aspect do you think is the most important to look for?

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1. It's important to understand the architecture of the RPA
2. It's critical to evaluate its suitability with respect to the operational or business processes of your organization.
3. It's important to have visibility of implementation beyond POC use cases.
4. It's critical to examine the licensing policies of the tool especially if you are considering its implementation enterprise-wide.
5. Cost of Licencing and the benefit it provides should be analyzed. In short, ROI should be taken into consideration.
6. The requirement of the infrastructure for the tool should be taken into consideration.
7. Availability of initial training on the functionalities as well as possible use cases should be ensured.
8. POC need to be conducted with multiple and dissimilar use cases prior to initiating the buying process.
9. Complete understanding about the support during the initial period as well as post that should be ascertained including the cost of support
10. Evaluate flexibility regarding licensing, upgrades, add-on costs, etc.

2019-06-06 14:34:27 UTC
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Depends where you want the Centre of Excellence to sit - with IT or with the business. If it's with the business, it should be easy to build the process flows without extensive coding knowledge

2018-01-29 09:11:22 UTC
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1)The functionality should be strong enough to meet the requirement for the business process and the operational activities.
2) The understanding of the tools from the RPA application its compatibility and requirements should be considered.
3) Sales, presales activities should be clear enough w.r.t licensing, purchasing of the bots and orchestrators.
4) Customer Support and Feedback. Training in regards to the difficulties are a plus.

2020-01-12 09:11:56 UTC
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-Community edition availability
-Learning resource availability
-Easy to use interface
-Customer support
-Tool integration with different apps
-Support for different languages

2019-03-25 16:26:43 UTC
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1. Does it meet the requirement of the client?
2. Can it be designed to handle the exception that may error during the execution?
3. Option to monitor after the deployment.
4. Availability / Option to add extra feature after going live.

2019-03-06 08:04:34 UTC
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1. Customer Success of how they will support you after they buy.
2. Word of Mouth from friends at other companies with similar use case
3. How product will work beyond the demo and POC

2019-03-05 00:26:14 UTC
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While evaluating a process to be automated, it is important to check does the process involves any human intervention like human decision making step which would be a hurdle for RPA bot as today.

2019-02-21 10:14:57 UTC
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- Evaluate the product in the context of the processes you want to automate. Attended vs unattended automation, enterprise vs department level, will it interact well with the applications/systems involved in the process?
- Automation platforms are a gray area when it comes to IT vs Business ownership. Both groups need to understand and agree who is responsible for various aspects of the platform and infrastructure. Make sure your choice of RPA platform is compatible with the approach you're taking.
- If you work in a regulated environment, determine if/how RPA will be evaluated with respect to validation and audit. This can have a huge impact on inception to production timeframes
- Licensing costs and flexibility, especially if you intend to scale.
- Cost of training, support.
- Size of user community and activity. Are there community forums and groups you can join to get help and expand your knowledge?

2019-10-10 17:41:27 UTC
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To Increase the workforce of an Employee and to increase the productivity.

2019-02-21 06:59:13 UTC
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