Accedian Skylight Review

The application easily allows us to highlight the black points and point us to the real blocking points.

Valuable Features

We heavily use the "network analysis" section to dissect and analyze flows. When analyzing past incidents, we also use analysis of application performance. The analysis of the DNS queries is also very useful for us. In sum, we very much value the ability to program the PCAP captures according to the personalized criteria.

Improvements to My Organization

When we are approached for our expertise following an incident on an SI that seems to indicate network infrastructure, the application easily allows us to highlight the black points and to generate exculpatory (or inculpatory) reports for the infrastructure, pointing to the real blocking points.

Room for Improvement

We would like to see support for the sFlow protocol in a future version.

Use of Solution

For 2 years.

Deployment Issues

We have encountered problems with the license that is connected to the hypervisor on which the virtual appliance is deployed. All of a sudden, the VM is not transportable from one hypervisor to another, which worried us and forced us to review our mode of product displacement between different sites.

Stability Issues

Nothing in particular.

Scalability Issues

No concerns in particular. The physical machine hosting the product is sized properly for our needs.

Customer Service and Technical Support

Customer Service:

The level of customer service is satisfactory. They make a point every year to follow up with our needs and product usage.

Technical Support:

The support is good enough and we received quick and competent assistance during incidents that we raised.

Previous Solutions

We have not tested similar products over the long term.

Initial Setup

The documentation is clear enough to permit a rapid installation and configuration. The video tutorials were appreciated.

Implementation Team

The implementation was only done internally.

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