CA APM Review

BRTM and differential analysis are helpful in monitoring and maintaining application performance, and while v10.x is improved, the implementation is a bit complex for a distributed environment.

Valuable Features

The monitoring features - transaction tractability and visibility.

Also, BRTM in v9.x and the differential analysis in v10 are valuable features that are very helpful in monitoring and maintaining the application performance.

Room for Improvement

In the market, the CA APM 10.x is already out and doing well. It is much improved and meeting customer’s expectations. Moreover, the implementation is bit complex for a distributed environment.

The tool has improved a lot and still updates are there on the way. It would be easier to understand if the components involved could be less about providing the same capabilities as it already does.

Use of Solution

I have experience of approximately two-and-a-half years on CA APM.

Deployment Issues

The issue we faced was on sizing and implementing the APM architecture as it involves multiple components in a distributed environment.

Customer Service and Technical Support

The monitoring stats we get are only 70%-80% reliable. We cannot depend completely on the monitoring view provided.

Previous Solutions

I have experience in AppDynamics, BMC, and HP APM. It all depends upon the client’s requirements. I chose this product as it was fulfilling all the stated requirements.

Initial Setup

We have implemented the clustered architecture of CA APM. Initially, there were less complexities but when it comes to distributed deployment, it was complex.

Implementation Team

I have experience of implementation of in–house as well as through a vendor also. Both are equal, just experience and a clear understanding of all the tool components is a must.


Expected returns gained.

Other Advice

CA APM is a brand name. It is easy, proactive, intelligent and collaborative. All of these features leads every business transaction, it's a loyalty-building interaction.

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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