CA Release Automation Review

It's a good product. Helps with deployment in many ways.

Valuable Features

The wide range of actions and flexibility in creating the workflows.

Improvements to My Organization

Our requirement was to deploy to 300 servers which used to take two to three days before CA RA, now it takes only two to four hours.

Room for Improvement

The performance.

Use of Solution

I've used it for one year and eight months.

Deployment Issues

The performance degrades as the size of the workflow and the number of target servers increases.

Stability Issues

No issues with stability.

Scalability Issues

We have some issues but we're not really sure of the reason why.

Customer Service and Technical Support

Customer Service:

It's good.

Technical Support:

It's good.

Previous Solutions

No previous solution used.

Initial Setup

It's easy to setup and maintain afterwards.

Implementation Team

It was implemented with the help of a vendor team but I cannot rate them because I wasn't involved with the implementation.


It's the time saved.

Other Solutions Considered

We also looked at Visual Build Pro.

Other Advice

It's a good product that has a huge set of actions which can help with deployment.

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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