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Fortigate is only cheap if you don't value your time or product quality

I have had the displeasure of having to support SOHO Fortigate offerings (Fortigate/Fortiwifi). in almost any measure, I have found these products inferior to respective solutions from cisco and juniper (two examples i've had experience with).

I'll start with the most egregious and disturbing: the product is unstable. the VPN client is crash prone and the VPN daemon is crash prone. if you want to enjoy having to drive to the office when the roads are iced because the VPN daemon just gave up the ghost again, just to reboot a unit, by all means - choose Fortigate.

I'll continue with support - pretty much a joke, although being fair here, it is similar in other respective products. by the time a competent engineer reviews your case, you may have to wade through more than a month of back and forth with t1/t2 support who offer very little usable assistance.

And final insult to injury - aggressive and clueless resellers. Fortigate tries to distance themselves from customers via resellers (as if support filtering wasn't enough). getting the wrong product or wrong configuration is very common, especially with unneeded packages.

**Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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author avatarit_user3483 (Senior Consultant at Unify Square)
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Everyone writes basing on his own experience.
In this specific case (and I hope that it does not disturb you) would divide your review in two parts.

I agree with your complains regarding support.
My impression is that Fortinet prefers to delegate a big part of the problems to its reseller channel.
From then on, it is a simple matter of luck to find a company that is competent and able to help or not (I have found more often the second kind).

As you pointed out, it is not a different scenario from the one you have with other vendors, but it did NOT constitute a justification.

I do not use SOHO appliances (or not as often as you) so maybe they are not good as you noticed.
Again, probably the SOHO market, based on low prices - low quality is full of products that are not worth our time, not only the Fortinet's one.

Said so, I disagree from you about the Fortigate family of products to be not good as a whole. Their medium/high level appliances are so good (and so rich in features) that is really hard to find something like it on the market.

We are talking about UTM devices, able to replace what other vendors do with a lot of different pieces. They are not hard to configure (of course, it is not something for "newbies") and reliable.

I keep up networks with thousands of geographically dispersed users with no issue at all, and using only FortiGate appliances.

So, let me add (based on my experience, this time): support is not good. The high-end appliances from the FortiGate family are really good.