HPE ProCurve Review

HP ProCurve 2510 and 2610 are excellent products. HP ProCurve products come with lifetime warranty, but please verify with re-seller as some products only come with limited warranty.

Valuable Features:

We first bought HP ProCurve 2510 and 2610 ethernet switches just to try the product line out. We liked it, and decided to go ProCurve all the way.What I really like about HP ProCurve is the lifetime warranty. I think no other manufacturer in the industry offers this kind of warranty and really means it. I just had two HP ProCurve switches replaced about a week ago and the replacements arrived today. These switches were more than three (3) years old and yet HP still replaced them. Apart from the lifetime warranty, HP ProCurve switches have a very intuitive menu-based interface. I use it more than the web-based interface as it gives me more options and I get the job done faster. They also adopt open standards and configuring them for VLANs with other networking products just works.

Room for Improvement:

The only thing that I can find wrong with the product is the web interface. Compared to Linksys, the web interface just lacks the usability that other brands offer. I don't like command line a lot that is why I go for web management. Cost-wise, they are quite expensive to say LInksys before. Even with Cisco acquiring LInksys, ProCurve still costs more than double. However, the lifetime warranty really works, and the added cost will go a long way in ensuring future support and product replacement.Despite its cons, I would still recommend HP ProCurve switches. Even if it costs more than products with the same specifications and performance, the added cost comes with lifetime warranty. If this is important to you, this is the right product.

Other Advice:

Just one thing though. Since HP acquired H3C, there are some products which are not qualified for lifetime warranty. My contacts told me that these are H3C products and does not manufactured by HP hence the limited warranty. Just make sure to verify product warranty before purchasing to be sure.
**Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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