Micro Focus Service Manager Review

It was easy to implement, as we currently have many HP solutions.

Valuable Features

It was easy to implement, as we currently have many HP solutions.

Improvements to My Organization

The integrated nature of the solution, from a service desk perspective, because we had so many other HP products, was easy to deploy. It was best that all our products could talk to each other without more strenuous challenges.

Room for Improvement

Part of the problem they’re facing right now is they’re behind the curve in SaaS offerings. Part of our reason for moving away from Service Manager is that HP was not on the leading edge of the technology and was consequently being surpassed by SaaS offerings. They’re offering one now, but I think it’s too quick to market and not all bugs have been worked out.

Stability Issues

HP products generally have always been stable, and this is no different. I’ve been an HP user for 20+ years, so I definitely support their stability.

Scalability Issues

It's a very scalable product, as with all HP's other products.

Customer Service and Technical Support

On the development suite, technical support was very strong. On the user side, not quite as strong.

Previous Solutions

We own a number of other HP products that are related to Service Manager, I was brought on to deploy this package.

Initial Setup

Complexities have more to do with our company’s internal environments, meaning that we have a third party management service that manages our desk environment, and so we needed to communicate with that system.

Other Solutions Considered

We also looked at CA, IBM, and Service Now. At the time, I felt HP was the stronger product. I felt that they were investing heavily in the product's future capabilities.

Other Advice

I considered the integration capabilities, that is, being able to integrate the suite of HP tools to already existing tools (in this case, also HP (SiteScope, AssetManager, BSM, etc.)). I was not involved in the initial purchase by Dignity Health, but I know price was important, so I assume it was also important when choosing HP.

Part of the challenge for any organization is the scale with which you intend to use any solution. This means that for larger organizations using Service Manager, HP could scale no matter what the demand was. However, many products are limited in their ability to scale. When looking at software, I think scalability should be important. If you can’t find that, walk away.

Also, they have a very poor follow-up. The technology itself isn’t very bad, but HP's lack of follow-up by its sales organizations has driven me the other direction. Not a single sales person followed up when I mentioned this a year ago. But, I still use the other tools pretty extensively and I intend to expand on them. I am, however, looking at a new service desk solution.

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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