Micro Focus Service Manager Review

It allows us to manage all of our incidents and requests in a single location.

Valuable Features

It allows us to manage all of our incidents and requests in a single location where we have multiple applications previously.

Improvements to My Organization

It allows us to perform better tracking, especially manpower, and then tracking incidents and things back to particular configuration items.

Room for Improvement

It could have better user control of the user interface. You have to either sacrifice seeing what you can see or having to scroll a lot, one of the two.

Stability Issues

It's been pretty stable.

Scalability Issues

It hasn't been an issue. We're fairly small, so it doesn't need to scale much.

Customer Service and Technical Support

We've always had good experience with tech support.

Other Advice

There's a lot of features we're not using currently, some of which we're thinking about using. There's just a lot to it, a lot more than we really need in most of our cases right now.

Definitely check in with Packard App. There's a lot of good software applications that they provide. They've got a good integration with their hardware. Overall, HP will just give you a really great solution.

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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