Trend Micro Deep Security Review

It's agentless, meaning we can implement it without having to protect every guest at a guest-by-guest level.

Valuable Features

The most valuable feature for us is that it's agentless, meaning we can implement it without having to protect every guest at a guest-by-guest level. That's huge for us.

Improvements to My Organization

Everything on our ESXi host is protected and we don't have to worry about pushing an anti-virus to individual guests. All we have to do is activate Deep Security in the console and we're set.

Room for Improvement

There's a little room for improvement as far as being more concise with the error messages. It's a small thing, and maybe that's coming in a newer version. Better notifications would be nice, such as error messages that a particular ESXi host is not protected properly.

If there's a problem, you have to drill down manually. You have to click and click and click to see what the message is. It would be nice to have a more transparent meaning instead of having to click so much to get to different levels.

Use of Solution

I've used it for six months.

Stability Issues

We did have one issue where the signature files we received were not valid files. It caused the host to continuously try to scan, causing a performance issue. We had it resolved within a couple of hours by powering up our Deep Security appliances until we got the proper update. Then we were able to move on.

Customer Service and Technical Support

Customer Service:

Mike Horton is our account rep. He and technical support work as a team. We all work well together.

Technical Support:

Technical support is where Trend Micro really shines. They're not a big group, which is great because you feel like you're not just a customer, but also a partner in the product. You really feel like they're interested in making sure you know how to work the product to its full potential.

Other Advice

Be involved with the installation so that you really get a feel for what the product's doing. If they provide any support or any training, definitely attend that. It is an intuitive product but there's a lot of moving parts. You're doing virus scanning so you definitely want to make sure you understand what you're doing because if you do have an issue, it’s very important piece of your infrastructure to make sure you're protecting your server.

Which version of this solution are you currently using?

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