Trend Micro Deep Security Review

The modules that are included with it will help us displace the local anti-virus that we're currently using.

Valuable Features:

The modules that are included with it will help us displace the local anti-virus that we're currently using today.

Room for Improvement:

There are a couple of areas for improvement. It needs better support for Mac, and there are some challenges in its implementation.

Unfortunately, the relationship with VMware that Trend Micro has, prohibits us from continuing our use of the non agent-based solution as NSX is now required to go forward from version 5.5 to version 6. NSX has now become a necessity to go with agent-based, so we're moving to an agent-based solution on the VDI's and our server-based as well.

Use of Solution:

We've used it for four years.

Deployment Issues:

There's an ongoing, continuing education process that needs to be in-sync with your Trend Micro staff. It's not a total set-it-and-forget-it type of solution. You need to continually manage and maintain it.

Stability Issues:

We're experiencing some instability, but my understanding from VMware and Trend Micro is that there's a relationship being built. They're pursuing a strategy to come up with perhaps a light version of NSX.

Scalability Issues:

We've had no issues with scalability.

Implementation Team:

I was involved in the setup from a managerial perspective. I contracted with Trend Micro support to provide us with implementation support.

Other Solutions Considered:

We've looked at McAfee, Kaspersky, and Symantec.

My team specifically looks at what's there on a regular basis. We work closely with the security team to be sure that we are making a good, conscious choice on an annual basis.

Other Advice:

It's important that you get a baseline of training, then partner with Trend Micro, whether it's an engineer pre-sales or an engineer that's implemented the product before. Be certain that your staff have the steering wheel and Trend Micro are the ones helping you navigate through the solution.

**Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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author avatarit_user428178 (Technical Account Manager at a security firm with 51-200 employees)

How do you find the catch rates compare? I have read a lot of negative press that says Trend Micro has compared terribly to alternative zero day threat prevention solutions and yet it seems to be extremely popular. I saw a heavy run of tests run by an independent body and Trend scored 0 out of around 200 checks. McAffee, Symantec and Cylance all hit around the 50-100% mark in their same tests. The hype around Trend seems strong though which is interesting. Presumably there is more to it?

author avatarAimee White
ExpertTop 5Real User

I'd be interested in hearing about the catch rate comparison too.

author avatarit_user428178 (Technical Account Manager at a security firm with 51-200 employees)

This was the place I went for competitor advice but of course it isn't independent. It would be good to see a Trend equivalent - - here there are tests where Trend gets 0 hits and tests where it gets only 30% etc.

author avatarAimee White
ExpertTop 5Real User

Thanks for that. Why it's so hard to find catch rates is a mystery.