What is Panaya Autonomous SAP Testing?

Panaya Autonomous SAP Testing unties the Goardian knot between successful test cases and manual business knowledge capture, emancipating regression testing of its human factor. Autonomous Testing spans test conception through validation, addressing all aspects of the functional testing lifecycle, including discovery, execution, acceleration and test management. It helps organization reduce time, effort and risk as well as the complexity associated with business process understanding. Powered by innovative machine learning, Autonomous Testing eliminates the pains associated with creating and maintaining manually engineered scripts to enable zero touch test case creation and maintenance. The solution ensures quality teams test the right things by automatically capturing transactions production and converting them into test cases that represent domain expertise. Autonomous Testing eliminates the challenge of business knowledge transfer, ensuring testing mirrors actual user behavior.
Panaya Autonomous SAP Testing customers
Aritzia, Allianz, Coca-Cola, Clarks, Shiseido
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