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Find out what your peers are saying about Microsoft, Teradata, SAP and others in Relational Databases.
246,941 professionals have used our research since 2012.
Relational databases report from it central station 2017 12 24 thumbnail
Find out what your peers are saying about Microsoft, Teradata, SAP and others in Relational Databases.
246,941 professionals have used our research since 2012.


User Assessments By Topic About SQL Server

Microsoft makes life easy to expand your environment through clustering tools and after-hours operational scheduling features. SQL Server is easily suited for small businesses where it found huge popularity, but daily operations can sometimes be overlooked as the business grows causing intermittent operational kinks. I have seen a few small businesses determine that a slowing or overloaded SQL Server environment means they should look at more enterprise level databases, which is simply not the case. Just like a Windows PC needs basic defragmentation maintenance to run effectively, SQL Server needs its own regular maintenance. There are many options available to improve the performance of SQL Server including the simple add-on clustering features which will balance excess load on the server. In addition, database indexes need to either be created or re-indexed periodically. A database does not automatically know how an application was designed although it’s very good at trying to guess using built-in scheme mapping software. Creating indexes and related maintenance schedules specific to your environment can make a huge difference in how quickly SQL Server responds to data requests. Disk partitions are another method for improvement. No matter how well SQL Server software is configured, it is limited by the hardware level. Underlying disk usage grows as data grows meaning the more data you add to the database results in the longer it will take for the database to find data on-disk. That’s when it’s time to either spread data across many independent disk sets or move to more expensive flash drives which save time by avoiding read & write disk operations. These options, of course, require time, effort, and money, but they have been well worth the costs of doing business based on my experience.

SQL Server Questions

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Project Manager - HCM Solutions at a tech vendor with 1,001-5,000 employees
Nov 05 2017
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Royden AkerleyDP DHL does use both tools but the use is largely restricted by business... more »
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Gaston NusimovichIt is SQL Server 2016 that we should compare with SAP HANA, and not SQL... more »
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reviewer93888The databases are completely different and I mean completely different. Hana... more »

SQL Server Projects By Members

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Itcs team 2014 march
Internal Telephone Billing System
Originally wrote and installed an Lotus Notes application in my home mission of UNTSO in Jerusalem. Eventually... more»
Inventory Management System (IMS)
Inventory Management System (IMS)
Designed and Built an EDW from the Ground Up
Designed and built an EDW from the ground up, including hourly CDC from one of the largest ERP applications. EDW is... more»
Designed multiple enterprise persistent staging areas
Design enterprise staging area for two different organizations. First organization went through number of... more»
DW Projects
We modeled and implemented a data warehouse for a collection agency from square zero, transporting many GB of data... more»
KwikFit Point of Sales (POS)
To keep up with modern needs, Kwik-Fit decided to renew it's 30-year-old POS application from DOS to the Web. The... more»
Shamal only logo
Virtulisation - Shamal Information System
To Design, Build and Deliver a complex multi application Web based Information and Management System, which... more»
Ecorail bim
Virtual Architecture, Construction and Engineering - vACE
Virtual Architecture, Construction and Engineering - vACE
Big data
HIPAA 5010 Claims Processing
HIPAA 5010 Claims Processing
Big data
MoPath Analysis
The MoPath Analysis provides advanced analytics to identify and address payment issues with a $200+ million line of... more»
Big data
Business Intelligence Project
Develop a healthcare claims analytic data warehouse with KPI dashboards highlighting claim detail anomalies.
Big data
KNOWAGE SUITE  The professional open source suite for modern business analytics over traditional sources and big... more»
Big data
Redesigning a branch network using location optimisation
Location optimisation for redisigning branch network based on GIS data and existing customer base
Marketing and sales
Global Fundraising Benchmarking
Global Fundraising Benchmarking Adroit Data & Insight have developed a global fundraising benchmarking and... more»
Security and privacy
Consultant (Network & Infrastructure -Security) 4 Critical Systems
Consultant (Network & Infrastructure -Security) 4 Critical Systems and Electronics iran
Customer care
Automate Call Transfer
Automate Call Transfer to proper branch When a caller calls into contact center, an SQL request into customer CRM... more»
Manged Various critical Middle-ware, Automation and Continuous Integration
Manged Various critical Middle-ware, Automation and Continuous Integration projects for multiple clients.
Instructor Training Program - Student Information System
Instructor Training Program - Student Information System. Created new system to allow students preparing to be... more»
Political Action Funds Requests-Disbursements-Reporting
Political Action Funds Requests-Disbursements-Reporting for a major trade union. Developed a single, integrated... more»
Big data
Developed a mobile barcode-scanning ERP application Suite for
Developed and supported ongoing deployments of a mobile barcode-scanning ERP application suite for the dairy... more»
Project management
network monitoring , physical and virtual server monitoring
network monitoring , physical and virtual server monitoring, flow-based bandwidth analysis, firewall log analysis... more»
Assisted conversion from SCO Unix Foxbase+ SBT Accounting to Acumatica
Recommended and assisted conversion from SBT Accounting running on SCO Foxbase+ on SCO Unix O/S to Cloud Based... more»
Security and privacy
Production Migration of 30k+ secrets from Password Manager
Production Migration of 30k+ secrets from Password Manager Pro to Thycotic Secret Server
Launch a FMCG transactional website in three months
Launch a FMCG transactional website in three months because of a hard stop with old website (black box) server... more»
HPE ALM QC - Enterprise Template
HPE ALM QC - Enterprise Template - In 2015, we created the first version of a corporate enterprise project based on... more»
Big data
Manage BI system
Manage and develop BI system
Developed a Governnace SaaS platform
Governance Manager is an enterprise assurance platform which enables executive monitoring and capability insights at... more»
Al Bawakir Unicon Payroll System
Al Bawakir Unicon Payroll System
Big data
Mobile Apps
Mobile Apps  Developed Mobile Apps for the health care business with the clinical data that we have... more»
Marketing and sales
List Management and Prospect Pool Creation for Marketing
List Management & Prospect Pool Creation for Marketing Punch Adroit developed a new single customer view... more»
Departmental transformation
Departmental transformation, for when your IT department just isn't working the way it should:  - virtualisation -... more»
Big data
Developed an enterprise data management system for an
Developed an enterprise data management system for an equity research company to allow for improved consumption of... more»
Big data
Pulled together disparate data for enterprise reporting
Pulled together disparate data for enterprise reporting.  Sales and Financial Date for 2 countries and 5 legal... more»
Developed automated data validation system in MS SQL
Developed automated data validation system in MS SQL Server.  The process imported more than 60 Excel spreadsheets... more»
Big data
Python ETL from SQL Server to Oracle and Greenplum
Developed a Python ETL package that moved 5,000,000 web traffic records a day from a MS SQL Server environment out... more»
Project management
Microsoft EPM and JIRA Integration
PoC to Integrate JIRA issues with EPM (Microsoft Project Management) Main use cases: 1) When creating a new... more»
Value List Repository (VLR)
VLR Stands for Value List Repository and it is a Centralized Database to avoid applications having to hardcode the... more»
HR Software Tools - European HR BPO project
Development, implementation and maintenance of all HR Tools needed for strategic European HR BPO project for General... more»
Big data
SLAM v3.0 (Operational BI)
- Based on previous experience and success of SLAM v1.0 and v2.0 Business Activity Monitoring tools (BAM) to... more»
Big data
EMEA HRS Operational Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence with Microstrategy 9.3.1
EMEA HRS Operational Datawarehouse and Business Intelligence Microstrategy 9.3.1 - dimensional model design for... more»
Big data
EMEA Learning Operational DatawareHouse
EMEA Learning Operational DatawareHouse - Dimensional model design for EMEA Learning Datawarehouse that will be... more»
Mobile app & data delivery to 1300 contractors
I managed our firm's engagement to deliver a new mobile application and data via Azure to 1300 contractors with... more»
Solution architect and technical owner of ComplyOne suite
ComplyOne is a suite of products that covers different areas like Auditing, Quality Management, Electronic... more»
Managed Global FAB Tech Training Program for Intel
Managed Global FAB Tech Training Program for Intel.  We established a private cloud based certification tracking... more»
Been Part of Product Testing Named OKytok True Collaboration
This Project is an product based -web application offers real time collaboration, e learning and calling features... more»
GPS Scheduler
Geolocation of PIM elements in mobile devices running Windows Mobile. Implementation in .NET Compact Framework, C#... more»
Network management
Soluciones de IP Opensource Buscando Ser un Carrier
Soluciones de IPPBX buscando portadora ONU Ser opensource de Voz y de Datos Nuestro segmento de Negocios es la... more»
IT Core Infrastructure Rollout
IT Core Infrastructure Roll out: Outstanding delivery of a state-of-the-art business computing, storage,... more»
New Conception Intranet Based on Orchard CMS
New conception Intranet based on Orchard CMS. Webtop, mashup. Alfresco backend for ECM
Big data
Data Validation Integration
Operated as part of a team to ensure core data was merged into a given system in a clear, correct, concise, and... more»
Enterprise architecture and integration
After Market ERP (Sales, Parts & Service)
After Market ERP (Sales, Parts, Support & Service Management)

SQL Server Consultants

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15d11e1e 7dfd 4bea 94c5 697f8104a33b avatar?1439407192
IT Consultant & IT Project Manager Assistant
Berardi Florin Via Prati Secchi 22, 21027 Ispra (VA) Italia (+39) 366 – 977 85 86 florin.berardi@outlook.com Italian 24 Marzo 1986 Male BRR FRN 86 C 24 F917 G Unmarried Windows/Distributed/Enterprise Application Developer Amministrazione e Gestione di Database  Analista... more>>
Cedric parish pmp li?1414337558
Senior IT Consultant/Program Mgmt
Information systems professional with a 15+ year background in project management, systems analysis, programming, e-Business, and Internet sales/marketing within the healthcare, manufacturing, insurance, financial services and research industries. Proven abilities in organizing management... more>>
Reviewed SQL Server: Performance Monitoring

What is SQL Server?

SQL Server is the Microsoft-driven relational database management system. This system is used to store data as well as retrieve it when necessary; these functions can be supported by individual users or by multiple users within a larger network. The Microsoft SQL Server has warehousing options, quality and integration services, management tools that are simple to implement, as well as robust tools for development.

Looking at the more technical end of things, Microsoft SQL Server uses query languages such as T-SQL and ANSI SQL. Disaster recovery is one of the product's most prominent features, in addition to in-memory performance, scalability, and corporate business intelligence capabilities.

Also known as
Microsoft SQL Server, MSSQL, MS SQL
SQL Server customers

Microsoft SQL Server is used by businesses in every industry, including Great Western Bank, Aviva, the Volvo Car Corporation, BMW, Samsung, Principality Building Society, Wellmark Blue Cross and Blue Shield, and the Catholic District School Board of Eastern Ontario.

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