Veritas NetBackup Room for Improvement

Customer Solution Architect, IT Outsourcing & Cloud Computing Services at a comms service provider with 10,001+ employees
The interaction of NetBackup with the cloud is not an easy process. You can't choose, for example, data optimization with the cloud. We would like to use CloudCatalyst with AWS and we can't. I don't know how to explain it, but the data file optimization is not usable everywhere. It's not a seamless solution in all instances. We'd like it to be multi-cloud and it's not there yet. It would be helpful, in future releases, if the solution could add WORM (Write Once Read Many) support right within the product. The solution would benefit from the addition of disaster recovery. View full review »
Senior Systems Support Analyst at a financial services firm with 11-50 employees
Off the top of my head, I can't think of anything that can be added to the solution. Our real issue is the pricing and it's a recurring cost, so it's not something that will go away any time soon. View full review »
Alliance Solution Architect at a consultancy with 10,001+ employees
How the solution operates in the cloud could be improved. There's a feature called data immutability, and needs to be improved within the product. I'm only familiar with the 8.2 version of the solution. It is my understanding that there are some new features that are being released in 8.3. However, more API integration is required in future releases, if that's not already in the works. It would be extremely helpful if the solution offered near-zero recovery time for SQL. View full review »
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Technical Specialist at a tech services company with 51-200 employees
The biggest problem with NetBackup is licensing. With more customers working with virtual machines, they are now licensing based on the number of CPU cores. Some customers choose Veeam because if they have two servers with 100 terabytes then that is four CPU cores, and it will cost less than it would with NetBackup. This is a change from the past, where the licensing was on a per-socket basis. View full review »
Senior Infrastructure Consultant at a insurance company with 10,001+ employees
The only pain point we have with this solution is the cost. It's very expensive. In fact, it's so expensive we are looking for other platforms. We want to move away from it in order to save our organization costs. View full review »
Manager, Infrastructure & Support at a insurance company with 10,001+ employees
This product doesn't come with a reporting feature which means it has to be installed separately. The outcome is that you don't have good analytical tools or business intelligence reports that you can share with top management. Previously, we were unable to do regular restore of sites, especially with mailbox backup which made things cumbersome. That seems to have been sorted in recent versions. Finally, if you need to change the server, the solution requires retention of the initial domain name. I think this can possibly create security concerns. The solution is also quite costly. View full review »
Senior Technical Lead at a comms service provider with 1,001-5,000 employees
The cost aspect is one of the largest reasons we will be moving to Commvaut, along with the product has deteriorated in the last few years, mainly due to underdevelopment. The support for new technologies is limited. Time to market is always a problem with them. New services, new technologies, and new versions of operating systems come out and we are always suffering for six to twelve months. Overall, they are quite slow to respond to new technologies coming into the market. Technical support needs to be improved. View full review »
Senior DBA Sql Server, Oracle at a aerospace/defense firm with 10,001+ employees
We are not able to back up our attached drives, which is something that should be improved. The speed of restoring data could be improved. The pricing is an area that can be improved. View full review »
Wesam Qashou
Senior Systems Engineer at a consultancy with 10,001+ employees
This solution would benefit from a more friendly, web-based interface. I would like to see better integration with more systems and appliances. Better integrity would also be an improvement. We would like to have a unified solution that includes backup-over-disk, as opposed to only backup-over-tape. Currently, we are using more than one solution. View full review »
Solutions Platform Architect at a retailer with 10,001+ employees
The ransomware protection needs improvement. The reporting tool that you get out of the box is not sufficient, so you have to purchase other tools or modules. When it's out of the box, the visibility is a problem and it's not very clear. Overall, the visibility into the environment is lacking. When you come across an issue to present to technical support, you have to enable the verbose logging, and when that happens you are generating huge amounts of log files. I have to wait for this problem to present itself again. I cannot leave it running on verbose logging, as it takes up the capacity from the logs. However, if I don't enable it then I won't be able to locate the issue. In the next release, I would like to have a better way to protect against ransomware attacks and a better way of logging issues where you don't have to enable the verbose logging to capture the problems. View full review »
Hitesh Chopra
Add endpoint backup capability for a particular appliance. Currently it is server level only. View full review »
System IT and Technologies Field Manager at a wellness & fitness company with 1,001-5,000 employees
Lots of features are in need of improvement. The SQL Server backup features are not up to date. I would also like to see the Exchange server and Cloud backup handled better. There are no features for cloud backup in my on-premises environment, which limits me when it comes to managing them. The performance is poor on our system and it takes too long to complete a backup. View full review »
Presales Engineer at a tech services company with 51-200 employees
It would be useful if they could maintain the information that is in the cloud. When the customer is using SaaS applications like Office 365, the integration falls short and needs to be improved. The price could be reduced. View full review »
Thamer Salah
Senior Presales Consultant at OFFTEC International
Improvements can be made to the service by providing better and more competitive ratios on data backups. The functionality for backups is there with Veritas, but I would like to see them optimize and enhance this feature more. View full review »
Senior Development Engineer at a marketing services firm with 51-200 employees
It is not very user-friendly. There are delays in Veritas that can be done in automation. In the next release, I would like to see automation and better support. View full review »
Mhd Wail
Network Security Specialist at a government with 51-200 employees
The cost of the license could be improved, it's quite expensive. View full review »
Ingeniero Asesor at a legal firm with 51-200 employees
It is a very expensive solution. They should have a different scheme for selling it. They should also make it easy for us to switch from Solaris to Linux. We are having some trouble in migrating our actual catalog from Solaris to Linux. View full review »
Head of IS at a financial services firm with 10,001+ employees
I think reporting can always be improved. Their pricing can also be improved. View full review »
IT Consultant at a tech services company with 5,001-10,000 employees
In terms of improvement, it's very difficult to make it work with multiple business units. Its security model is too constricted. View full review »
System Engineer at a energy/utilities company with 10,001+ employees
Its integration with Nutanix and technical support can be improved. View full review »
Olivier Mougin
Architecte Backup at a comms service provider with 10,001+ employees
The security of the solution can be improved to include a secure backup feature with full encryption capabilities. View full review »
Tri Nguyen
Technical Specialist, Data Center and Cloud at HighVail Systems Inc.
This product would be improved with the inclusion of a Sandbox feature like Veeam Sandbox. View full review »
Carl Parker
User at General Atomics
Better ways of backing up larger filesystems with many, millions of small files. View full review »
Abuzaid Saad
Head, IT Network, Security & Data Center at ARABSAT
The application needs more flexibility and reliability should be the top priority of the enhancement. View full review »
Learn what your peers think about Veritas NetBackup. Get advice and tips from experienced pros sharing their opinions. Updated: December 2020.
456,249 professionals have used our research since 2012.